Программа «Поедем, поедим!» отметила юбилей
TV presenter John Warren has lunch in the trip 200 times.

John Warren

Saveris shooting 200-th edition of the program NTV
“Let’s go to eat!”. Permanent master project John Warren celebrated the anniversary on
the vastness of the Lipetsk region.

Some days the most mouth-watering expedition
Russian television the famous Brit visited the main
the attractions of the region and tried the most famous local dishes.
“Throughout the issue, I will remember the most interesting moments 199
previous journeys. And they were many! I can say for sure: on this trip I
was moved to tears. We were very warmly welcomed, all the Lipetsk region knew
“let’s Go to eat!” takes here anniversary issue”, — said the presenter.

Warren also managed to become the guest of honor at
large-scale urban event. In the Lower Park of the Lipetsk presentation
“Delicious map of Lipetsk region” — a gastronomic festival, which
arranged in the city for the first time. The track from the house of Peter the great, the British tried
favorite dishes of the Emperor — fish soup and baked sturgeon, and played croquet.

Learn a unique recipe of local cuisine, as well as
to see the further adventures of John Warren in the Lipetsk region, viewers will be able
in the new season. The jubilee edition of the program will air on September 16.