Программа «Орел и решка» ищет новых ведущих For several years, the show “heads and tails” on the channel “Friday!” got millions of fans. And not only in Russia and Ukraine – the project is actively looking foreigners. At charming travel enthusiasts a chance to become famous. To return to the show wanted recently retired from his Regina todorenko.

Under the terms of the popular weekly program, two facilitators travel to various locations around the world. One hero must survive a couple of days for $ 100, while the second has a right to spend not limited nothing and no means that are stored on a “gold” credit card.

Who will get the unlimited card? It is all about the coin…

For half a dozen seasons, the project managed to “lead” Director and showman Alan Badoev, along with his wife Joan (later they divorced), actor Andrey Bednyakov and who in the process of filming his wife Nastya Short, comedian and athlete Lesya Nikityuk, singer and singer Regina todorenko and Kolya Serga. It was the case, the show had the producer of this show Evgeny Sinelnikov. The program has numerous sub-projects, branches and specials.

And now the management of the channel “Friday!” begins search of new lucky, or rather, the lucky few who will travel to cities and villages. Who need? What are the requirements?

“I’m looking for a new leading “eagle and tails”! – wrote in his Instagram the channel’s General Director Nikolay Kartozia. – These are the three main steps to the dream job. 1. Sign 2. Do repost. 3. Send me the direct minute video where you tell about your favorite place, it can be in the apartment. Deadline: strictly until 21 December. You only have four days. Late – hi! The best will take part in face-to-face casting. The winner will be seen on TV in “the eagle and Reshka”. Happy new year!”

Recall that in late October of 2017 started shooting the special issues of the project called “Stars”. Leading these releases are the former hosts of the show “heads and tails”, “heads and tails. Shopping”, as well as stars of show business.

Unfortunately for many fans of the program, in December 2017, it became known that the favorite of the audience, Regina Todorenko leaves the project and starts in America – the career of a Director.

By the way, Regina was one of the first to leave a comment under the post Cartesii.

“Can I join you?” – posted by Todorenko from the States. And put a smiley.

“Later, darling! Alan and Jeanne have already left for the audition,” joked Nicholas.