The producers of “heads and tails” revealed the truth about the “gold card”

Продюсеры «Орла и решки» раскрыли правду о «золотой карте» The creators of the show responded to questions from the public. According to representatives of the popular program, “Golden card” does exist. In turn, the staff of the channel “Friday!” clarified the information about the alleged dismissal of Regina Todorenko from filming.
Продюсеры «Орла и решки» раскрыли правду о «золотой карте»

A few weeks ago TV presenter Regina todorenko went to Novosibirsk. During his visit, the girl told that the budget for the program “heads and tails” are limited, and fans transfer sometimes misleading. In addition, Todorenko said that the famous “gold card,” “exists, but as a symbol of wealth”. An interview with Regina caused a heated public debate. The producer of the TV show Natella Krapivina expressed outrage at her words.

Regina todorenko is on the brink of dismissal from the show “heads and tails”

After some time, the program representatives revealed information about the “gold card”. In addition, they clarified the information about the alleged dismissal of Regina Todorenko discussed in the Network.

“Gold card” is real money. It is no secret that the project “heads and tails” is sufficiently attractive from the point of view of commercial integrations of major brands, which in turn allows the producers of the project to replenish the balance of “Golden card”. However, this does not mean that the host can afford to lose your head and spend money left and right. The producer has the right of veto,” – said the creators of the TV show.

The creators of the program also told about when they had to resort to extreme measures. According to representatives of the TV show, this can happen if the purchase price exceeds all limits, as, for example, in the case of the diamond exchange, which was attended by Zhanna badoeva. However, this, said the creators of the program used very rarely – only several times over the seven-year history of the project.

As for possible punishment for Regina Todorenko, it, to the delight of fans, are not going to fire. Currently the shooting of the program, to remove the girl did not intend. “However, leading can really threaten a large fine, according to the terms of the contract”, – said the representatives of the channel “Friday!”.

The producers of the program also said that the project has a number of pre-defined rules which must be adhered to its employees. “The Bible” or, in other words, the Statute of the TV show, allows him to remain himself for a long period of time, reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

We will add that earlier Regina todorenko apologized to colleagues about disinformation of the public. “Each of us can make mistakes, to think through, out of context, especially the media. I am not the producer of the project and do not know how to form budgets. In my hands the “gold card” which gives me a huge opportunity. Even the presenters don’t know how much her money,” wrote leading into one of their social networks.