The producer of the program “heads and Tails” threatens to dismiss Regina Todorenko

Продюсер программы «Орёл и Решка» угрожает уволить Регину Тодоренко

No one can be trusted! Luxurious life leading of the program “heads and tails”, which will of fate falls “gold card” is a deception and staging. This assures one of the leading Regina Todorenko. On it the producer of the show Natella Krapivina respond with indignant denial and threats of dismissal.

Spit found on the stone during Regina’s stay in Novosibirsk. In an interview to local media Todorenko said that actually an unlimited gold card does not exist, and the budget of each program clearly pre-made. A dear accommodation, the Deluxe hotels, the crew rents for a few hours, to give the audience a pretty picture.
General Director of the TV show Natella Krapivina reacted sharply to revelations of Regina, stating that the presenter is lying.
“I am, to put it mildly, were surprised at how easy Todorenko misled a huge number of fans of our program more than seven years telling absolutely honestly and authentically about how to spend the weekend with different budgets,” said Natella has dobavila that actually “gold card” really exists, and its only limitation is “ethical”.
“In the history of the project, we never cut the budget and not drive themselves into the framework,” said Krapivin. After such statements Natella Regina declared “incompetent” and “not involved”, and the aim of such statements is called self-praise Todorenko.
“For such is inadmissible that Regina will be fined and perhaps fired at the end of the season,” concluded the producer.