The producer of the film “Dislike” refused to visit “Oscar” because of the criminal case

Продюсеру фильма «Нелюбовь» отказали в посещении «Оскара» из-за уголовного дела Billionaire Gleb Fetisov can’t walk on the red carpet of the prestigious event, which will take place at the end of next week. The main investor of the drama by Andrei Zvyagintsev nominated for “Oscar” refused to leave Russia.
Продюсеру фильма «Нелюбовь» отказали в посещении «Оскара» из-за уголовного дела

4 March in the Dolby theatre in Hollywood will be the 90th ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar” for achievements in film. From Russia it presents a drama by Andrey Zvyagintsev’s “Dislike”. The picture will compete for the prize in the category “Best foreign language film”. It is expected that Zvyagintsev will be the honorary guest of the event.

As journalists, the main investor and producer of “Dislike” billionaire Gleb Fetisov will not be able to attend in Los Angeles. The businessman was denied entry to the United States at the date of the ceremony. Man accused of organizing the theft of another’s property with use of office position in especially large size. Representatives Fetisov does not agree with the decision of the Investigative Committee.

“The investigation did not allow Fetisov travel to the United States from the second to the ninth of March for the ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar”. The refusal of the Director of the movie trip is beyond comprehension. Perhaps this dislike,” – said the press Secretary of the businessman Igor Pylaev.
Продюсеру фильма «Нелюбовь» отказали в посещении «Оскара» из-за уголовного дела

According to investigators, in 2012-2013 Gleb Fetisov and Chairman of the Board of “My Bank” Kira Andrianova committed embezzlement of securities and cash in the amount of 1.96 billion rubles. Their actions led to the bankruptcy of the credit institution. Fetisov has denied involvement in the crime. Two years ago a man paid off the debts of 14 billion rubles, which considerably exceeds the damage he believed to be law enforcement officers, struck the Bank.

In an interview, Fetisov suggested that the scandal with accusations of embezzlement was initiated by a third party. Businessman supports Director Nikita Mikhalkov, who was a client of “My Bank” in the period when the guarantee of the owner in 2007 Fetisov was instructed to depositors of their property.

According to some, the entrepreneur has invested in the drama “Dislike” 250 million rubles. The script Fetisov brought Alexander Rodnyansky, and he immediately approved. According to the man, he did not doubt the success of Zvyagintsev.

Forbes magazine estimates the state of Gleb Fetisov as $ 1.2 billion. Last year he was ranked 80 in the list of 200 richest businessmen of Russia. At the moment, Fetisov, reports TASS is under the recognizance not to leave.