The producer of “American horror story” has offered to replace Kim cattrall in “Sex and the city 3”

Продюсер «Американской истории ужасов» предложил заменить Ким Кэтролл в «Секс в большом городе 3″

Producer of the series “American horror story” and “Glee,” Ryan Murphy offered his solution to the problems that have arisen because of the demands of Kim cattrall to the Warner Brothers Studio, on the grounds that have been cancelled continue shooting the third part of “Sex in the city”. The solution is simple enough — replace Kim cattrall to another actress.

Продюсер «Американской истории ужасов» предложил заменить Ким Кэтролл в «Секс в большом городе 3″

“I just don’t understand it!” says Ryan about the situation that has developed between the actress playing Samantha and Warner Brothers.

“Look, I’d be really disappointed if he created something so cultural and 95 percent of our team said, “let’s do it!”, but something would stop him,” explained his point of view, Murphy in conversation with Emily Nussbaum at the new York festival on Saturday. “And by the way, Kim cattrall I don’t blame you.”

“They really mean something to me they were important and iconic to the change in the understanding of women and sexuality,” Murphy admitted to the crowd about his spiritual connection with the series.

Продюсер «Американской истории ужасов» предложил заменить Ким Кэтролл в «Секс в большом городе 3″

No wonder why the Studio is not going to continue the iconic line of the film “Sex and the city”, because fans are accustomed to the original caste with Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis. Fans of the series and movies may react negatively to change one of the main characters.

Last month, Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Carrie Bradshaw in the TV series and movies, said that the third film will not be because of the demands of her colleagues, Kim cattrall. Later came the news that dvushek was disagreement at the very beginning. The very same Kim cattrall wrote in his Twitter, “the Only requirement that I put was that I don’t want to participate in the third part of the movie.” She told me that she tells about it in 2016 and does not understand why it is now raised such a fuss.

According to a source Internet news portal People, cattrall wanted the new part to her character Samantha would be treated much better. “She wanted to talk about this, but wanted to hear something not heard before — that is, that they will treat her c dignity and respect — and they are not even going to engage in such a discussion,” the source says.

At this time, another source said that despite all this, the four Actresses “really care about each other and working hard in order to save your relationship.”