Продюсер пролила свет на судьбу последнего фильма Веры Глаголевой Natalia Ivanova spoke about the film “Clay pit”, which famous actress and Director were not able to finish. According to colleagues of Vera Glagoleva, the work on the film is almost completed. The crew did not even know that a celebrity is struggling with a serious illness.
Продюсер пролила свет на судьбу последнего фильма Веры Глаголевой

The last months before the death of Vera Glagoleva worked on the family drama “Clay pit” on the play by Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina. The actress and the Director wanted to quickly finish the painting, which involved artists Dmitry Krivocheev, Irina Pegova and Tatyana Vladimirova. Colleagues Glagoleva spoke of her as an outstanding professional and a wonderful person. They were genuinely happy to work with the star.

Sudden withdrawal by Vera Glagoleva from life put into question the future of her pictures. Many fans of people’s artist of the Russian Federation was concerned about the fate of the movie, who their favorite gave so much effort and energy. The producer Natalia Ivanova shed light on what is happening with the “Clay pit”. The woman reassured the public, making it clear that the draft plan to present to the General public.

“The working title – “Clay pit”. Will finish it by summer of next year. Genre – social drama. The picture was taken at 90%, ahead of some work in Kazakhstan and post-production,” – said a colleague of Vera Glagoleva.
Продюсер пролила свет на судьбу последнего фильма Веры Глаголевой

Previously, the crew members of the painting shared with reporters his memories of the actress and the Director. As noted by Dmitry Krivocheev, Vera Glagoleva had incredible energy, which wound up all around. Celebrity never looked tired, it was very comfortable to work with. According to many, Glagoleva never told the actors what to do, and always listened to their opinions, and periodically made adjustments.

Friend Glagoleva remembered about her condition before leaving to Germany

In may, the film was almost finished, left only shooting the final scene. Due to the bad weather it was rescheduled for two weeks. Since then, says Dmitry Krivocheev, he had not seen Faith Glagoleva. Colleagues stars were whispering about the fact that the Director of health problems, but it seemed that it wasn’t true. The woman was always in a working mindset, and in between enjoyed laughing and joking.

Sometimes the shooting lasted fifteen hours. Actress Tamara Vladimirova compared the painting with the feat. According to women, Vera Glagoleva was give everyone an example of how you need to approach the beloved. And sometimes the star showed himself as a hard head that surprised some of her colleagues.

During a recent conversation with representatives of mass media Natalia Ivanova added that as the Director of “the Clay pit” in the credits indicate Faith Glagoleva. “She was and will continue to be in this film”, – quotes a colleague celebrity TASS.