The Prince of Monaco, has given valuable advice to George Clooney

Князь Монако дал ценный совет Джорджу Клуни
Albert and his wife told how they are managed with twins.

Albert II and his wife Charlene


Albert II, who in December of 2014 became the father of twins, recently gave an interview in which admitted
what helped him to survive the most difficult first year of life children.

says the Prince, he and his wife Charlene tried as little as possible
to have the assistance of nannies, but at night generally coped with the children only in their
forces. In response to the question, what helped them to cope with the constant lack of sleep,
Albert confessed: “Very strong coffee and light reading at a time when
the kids slept a bit distracted. This simple, but effective recipe…” he told Duke. And when albert
asked to advise expectant parents of twins, including George
Clooney and his wife Amal, who is currently carrying twins, one
answered without thinking: “Try to sleep for future use!”

“Our children,
like all their peers, absolutely restless. Every second they are asking
questions about everything, constantly demanding your attention and not sit on
place. Besides, with them always something going on, they always think something hit.
But they are incredibly funny. Recently Gabriella stuffed myself, I hit
table, a huge bump. And her brother Jacques was so filled with sympathy for her, snatched
with fists on a piece of furniture, shouting, “Bad table!” — the wife

the past almost three years sharlen
so much time spent with the children that she had not too many opportunities
to perform his duties the wife of the Prince. Though not long, honestly,Charlene,
she had yet to hire a permanent nanny
which deals with the children three times a week. This is due to the fact that the wife of albert, former
swimmer, successfully performed in international competitions decided to take part
in a charitable sports in June this year the race on a water
scooters. Currently, she tries to use every free minute
for training.