The priest of the “House-2” Walter Solomentsev will become a father for the third time

Священник из «Дома-2» Вальтер Соломенцев станет отцом в третий раз The former wife of a member of the famous electroni again expecting a child. Galina Solomentsev appeared in-Studio talk shows to tell about a scandalous situation, which turned out to be. She was outraged by the behavior of the ex-spouse, but still had him close.
Священник из «Дома-2» Вальтер Соломенцев станет отцом в третий раз

The former participant “Houses-2” Walter Solomentsev for several years was married to Galina, married with whom he had two sons. However, a year and a half ago after the woman learned about the numerous infidelities of her husband, she decided to break up with him. The ex-wife came to the Studio of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” to talk about the details of their lives.

“I want to end it, so he doesn’t burst suddenly into the house and said that back in the family, and left again with a cruel composure,” said Galina.

Священник из «Дома-2» Вальтер Соломенцев станет отцом в третий раз

Galina showed the conditions in which lives in the house with children in Sergiev Posad. Kitchen and bathroom they have merged. The woman admitted that the former husband does not help them, but there are people that don’t allow kids to starve. She showed traces of blows with a knife in the wall that was left after family fights. Large holes Galina covers carpet and a calendar. Galina 36 years, but she prefers not to leave sons in the kindergarten, in order to go to work.

Священник из «Дома-2» Вальтер Соломенцев станет отцом в третий раз

Andrey Malakhov also asked about the history of their acquaintance. It turned out that Walter was pretending to be ill of cancer for years the woman was looking for recipes of traditional medicine to save a loved one.

Came to the Studio Olesya Lisovskaya, who was considered the rival of Galina. The girl admitted that in her life came another man, and therefore she does not claim to love Solomentsev. She told me that Galina’s real name is Gulnara.The priest of the “House-2” makes the ex-spouse participate in an Orgy

It was at this point Malakhov said that the former wife of Walter is pregnant again and expects the third child.

“Gal is a dirty whore, I it differently I can not name. I came with evidence. She runs over Walter like a maniac and chases,” – said Ilya Yabbarov, only entering the Studio.

Galina cried on the chest of the priest, who was in the Studio. The former participant “Houses-2” has informed that saw her profile on the website. He doubts that the children were born from Walter.

Solomentsev also came to the Studio of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” to tell his version of events. It was justified for numerous attacks by experts. Walter is ready to carry children and ex-wife in a more comfortable apartment of the house where there is no heating and sewage systems. However, according to him, Galina values housing as a memory of his former lover. It turned out that this property they bought in order to spend a night of love.

“She broke me and my faith,” – said Solomentsev.

The man admitted that the visiting children, he has to fight and argue with his ex-wife. Somehow he tried to establish a dialogue, a few drinks and it was after that night Galina realized that she was pregnant. Now the woman’s lawyer intends to seek child support from a man.

The priest of the “House-2”: “Suffer, Olesya loves me not»