The priest of the “House-2”: “Suffer, Olesya loves me not”

Священник из «Дома-2»: «Страдаю, что Олеся не любит меня» Walter Solomentsev highly doubt that will be able to return the old relationship. Former participant reality show “House-2” has repeatedly offered Olesya lisovska hand and heart, but it is unlikely she will agree.
Священник из «Дома-2»: «Страдаю, что Олеся не любит меня»

Walter Solomentsev appeared on the project “Dom-2” at the end of April this year and quickly gained the attention of both participants and spectators. As it turned out, the man is a former priest, but his lifestyle was far from righteous. He began to build a relationship with Olesya lisovska, despite the fact that he was married to Galina, who bore him two sons. The divorce was to take place in mid-may. May Abrikosov harshly criticized the behavior of the priest from “House-2”

In August Solomentsev left popular telestroke, when reached the goal of the project is met true love. Olesya loved him, but now the man is confused – a couple of months ago, he was faced with the cruel reality. Solomentsev found the strength to share with “StarHit” their experiences.

“Still suffer from the fact that Olesya, after weighing the arguments, decided he didn’t love me. I don’t see any more meaning of life. Yes, I have children, ex-wife, many friends and acquaintances, but the first time I encounter with this love that pierces through makes it impossible to breathe, – said Walter. – I can’t live without her, is an anomaly, but a fact. I keep seeing her in my dream, I was weary, tired”.

Olesya and Walter met shortly before the participation in the popular reality show. The man said that the main purpose in creating the program was to check the feelings he dreamed that the girl was finally able to understand yourself.

“I wanted to freely accept the love or refuse it, – admitted Solomentsev. – I fell in love for the first time in my life.”

For several years Walter was married. Married Galina he had two sons, Paul and Noah. However, in recognition of the men, this Union was spontaneous – he didn’t even think to become a family man.

Священник из «Дома-2»: «Страдаю, что Олеся не любит меня»“Married with the blessing of a spiritual mentor. I lived a long time in the monastery. And was going to become a monk, nothing else even dreamed. But if I was blessed, married to the first comer, not looking for someone specific. Two years after marriage, when I was still a priest, it was revealed that my wife was a former prostitute. Add on the fact that she was in love with a monk of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, which she admitted, and she loves pure light of love. I had to accept it. She assured me that for a year or two before we met she didn’t sleep with him, but, nevertheless, the fact that love for him was very embarrassing, I knew that living with her is impossible.”

Galina said that after she learned about the relationship of a spouse with Olesya lisovska, complained to the appropriate diocese that he was excommunicated from the Church. Walter admitted to “StarHit” that have lost faith, but because he is not ashamed to talk about intimate aspects of their lives.

“Kara heaven, a conscience – the concept is deeply religious, so don’t see them as much sense, if at this moment God almost do not believe. I painfully state of disbelief, but what can you do. Faith is either there or its not, it comes from nowhere and goes nowhere. Remains her only happy memory. But again, to take the faith have neither the capacity nor the spiritual forces” – said Solomentsev.

His bold statements Walter attracts a large number of people. However, he does not pay attention to bad publicity and what other people think.

“I am statements that I allow myself about a former relationship, it’s nothing special. We all used to hide their lives from prying. If we are spiritual beings, we take into account the fact that God sees us in all conditions, whether righteous or sinful. Why be ashamed? And my statements regarding the fact that I was molested wife forced to sex then it’s physiology. I am the young man, if the wife lets sex, I think he has the right to force her to sex, naturally, without beatings, insults and humiliation” – said Solomentsev.

Now Walter is trying to do everything to be together with Olesya lisovska. He wants to find true happiness. Since then, he met his girlfriend, all thoughts focused only on her. However Solomentsev doubt that will ever be together with the beloved.

“I was invited Olesya to marry me, and repeatedly. Married would like, of course. Now to talk funny, because no no chance because she decided she didn’t want to be with me, – says Walter. – Crush don’t want, although I understand that any girl can achieve. I appreciate love that is not dependent on outside influences. I deify that feeling. It’s hard for me, I’m madly in love with her, losing my mind, losing my temper, I can’t help it”.