The priest of the “House-2” hardly has not thrown a sweetheart from the eighth floor

Священник из «Дома-2» едва не выбросил возлюбленную с восьмого этажа Walter Solomentsev can’t find a place. Former participant reality show “House-2” is torn between the ex-wife Galina, with whom he was soon to be born third child, and Olesya lisovska. The girl doesn’t know how to escape from stalkers.
Священник из «Дома-2» едва не выбросил возлюбленную с восьмого этажа

Walter Solomentsev did not long remain on the reality show “Dom-2”, but became famous after he left the project. As it turned out, the priest was defrocked. He has two children who were born in the marriage with Galina. With her he broke up after the woman caught him cheating with Olesya lisovska.

In the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1” a few months ago Galina admitted that waiting for the third child from my ex-husband. Despite the fact that she complained about the lack of any assistance from his side, the woman still decided to have another. The priest of the “House-2” Walter Solomentsev will become a father for the third time

However, it did not reconcile the former spouses – Walter continued to say that crazy Olesya and does not see his life without her. However, she no longer reciprocates his feelings. As it turned out, she even feared for her life. Lisovskaya said that he moved to St. Petersburg, where he found a new love. However, it turned out that actually all this time she was with Walter. But this attempt did not lead to anything good – he began to threaten her, why she even had to go to the police.

“Parents called and said that he would cut my throat,” admitted Olesya.
Священник из «Дома-2» едва не выбросил возлюбленную с восьмого этажа

From threats Walter moved to action – broke the laptop of his girlfriend, burned the diplomas, spoiled all things and cosmetics. Lisovskaya managed to take the passport and run away from home. The priest of the “House-2”: “Suffer, Olesya loves me not”

Ex-wife Galina are now expecting a baby and chooses his name. She wants to name the baby John, but Solomentsev not support selection.

“I believe that it is not necessary to name in honor of someone of their children, she has a friend with this name,” said Walter.
Священник из «Дома-2» едва не выбросил возлюбленную с восьмого этажа

The Studio came the ex-priest. He was discouraged by the fact that said his girlfriend. He didn’t like that she took the threats.

“Les, are you not ashamed, just tell me. We both know the truth. Again, forgive me. Everything you say is true. I would never hurt anybody,” said Walter.

Olesya wondered why she had to forgive such statements and even actions on his part.

“You tried to have me thrown from the eighth floor. You foot me in the stomach beat. There’s nothing human,” replied Lisovskaya.
Священник из «Дома-2» едва не выбросил возлюбленную с восьмого этажа

Solomentsev did not hide that for a long time lied to all. He admitted that in November they with Olesya lived together.

In the Studio there was a man lisovska Vyacheslav Sannikov. He lashed out at Walter with his fists for the fact that the whole family Olesya was very worried for her daughter. Each girl thinks Solomentsev should be isolated from society. Ex-priests of the “House-2” said that he was going to sue, because he attacked him with his pregnant wife.