Священник отговаривает Николь Кидман от суррогатного материнства

Dreams Australian actress Nicole Kidman and musician Keith urban of a big family can be broken of her Catholic faith. It is no secret that the 48-year-old celebrity desperately wants to become a mother. Together with her husband they are raising a seven year old daughter Sunday rose, five, and faith Margaret, but these kids not enough for her, she wants to give them a brother or sister.

Священник отговаривает Николь Кидман от суррогатного материнства
In some recent interview, Nicole confessed of the unseen.
“Every month I hope that pregnant, but this is not happening” sadly, she reports. Exit Nicole and Ki found in surrogacy, but here’s the thing – it does not approve of spiritual mentor Kidman, a Catholic priest ed Steiner.

After the sudden death of your beloved dad Anthony Kidman in September 2014, Nicole found solace in the faith and began attending the Catholic Church. She told the priest about their suffering in connection with the inability to get pregnant, and about their desperate desire to have more children, and about the possibility of surrogacy. However, the Catholic Church is pretty conservative, and spiritual mentor told her that her religion does not approve of such act.
“In our traditions surrogacy impossible. If a woman comes to me for advice and tells about his desire or plans to have a baby this way, I will have to talk to her about the canons of our Church. We can only send, and the person decides what to do,” said father ed Steiner.
The eldest daughter Nicole Sunday – an only child, whom Kidman gave birth to herself, the youngest daughter was also born via surrogacy. The priest also said that if the actress and her husband still dealt with sin and the child born from a surrogate mother, the Church is happy to accept it.
“This child will also be a child of God, we will love him and will be happy to christen. We already had couple decided on surrogacy, we don’t cut him off because of this from the Church” — reassured the priest.

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