The President of Russia – 65 years! Vladimir Putin, whom you did not know

Президенту России - 65 лет! Владимир Путин, которого вы не знали Good singer, humorist and hospitable host – for the anniversary of Vladimir Putin “StarHit” revealed the head of state. Colleagues, artists and supporters of the Russian President told how he manifested himself in different unusual situations.
Президенту России - 65 лет! Владимир Путин, которого вы не знали

Today, October 7, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin will be 65. On the eve of “StarHit” talked to those who were lucky enough to chat with Vladimir Putin in an informal setting and find out what he is when off the camera.

All the secrets of the President from Oliver stone: behind the scenes

A diligent student

With their teacher of the German language by Vera Dmitrieva Gurevich, the President is still in a good relationship. “In may, at his invitation, I traveled to Moscow, he showed me the Kremlin, his office says the former teacher “StarHit”. I had, of course, was not, put me in a hotel near red square.

Volodya himself had offered to settle, saying, why do you in Moscow sit is better to live in the center of Moscow, enjoy its beauty. In school, Volodya was a good student and loved Humanities. Loved the story, Russian, German. My subject was best in class. But sports had time to deal with, to 13 years was the strongest boy in school, few dared to interfere with him.
Президенту России - 65 лет! Владимир Путин, которого вы не знали

In fact, he early in life showed willpower and perseverance. If something did not work, sat for hours over books. And Vova was a heightened sense of justice. For example, he sees that the older boys younger offend – lunch take away or just laugh, then stands up. If we had a fight, don’t hesitate to let his fists. I do not remember that he was afraid of something. In the campaigns actively manifested itself: he built a fire, gathered for him branches. But despite the academic success and the role of the defender of the weak, I can’t say that Volodya enjoyed a great success among girls. However, it’s fair to say that he they are not much interested. The most important thing for him was playing sports and academic performance. At age 11 he began studying Sambo and then judo for 25 years becoming a master of sports”.

Will power of Vladimir Putin and said his hockey coach two-time Olympic champion Vyacheslav Fetisov. “He plays well, despite the fact that skating at a respectable age, – says the athlete. – First, when he couldn’t always finish, asked what does not. I advised: “Invest in a fully shot, be angrier – pious do not win.” He listened and began to play along with us, experienced players. But that’s not all: the chief has the unique quality of being at the right time in the right place – this gift is either there or not, it’s impossible for him to learn. Even on ice it shows a successful leader, he is able to predict the opponent’s moves”.

Президенту России - 65 лет! Владимир Путин, которого вы не знали

Without complexes

Another strong side of Vladimir Putin – his sense of humor. About it knows the singer Larisa Dolina. “Ten years ago, Mr Putin handed me the medal of Honor for contribution to the art of music, – says Larisa. The organizers warned that according to the dress code required business dress or a classic suit, because if I come in dekolirovaniya outfit, the order would simply to hang. For such a solemn occasion I bought the jacket. Up on stage, Mr President begins to fix the order… And then it happens the incident. The lapel was so solid that it is impossible to pierce with a needle. The President tried-tried, but still can. And around people with cameras in the air begins to soar a feeling of unease. But the President defused a bad situation. Quietly, so no one could hear, said,

Президенту России - 65 лет! Владимир Путин, которого вы не знали“It’s not a jacket, Larisa, that you have some kind of body armor!”
Президенту России - 65 лет! Владимир Путин, которого вы не знали

And Boris Moses once had the honor to perform before Putin. “It was ten years ago, – said Boris. – My band and a few artists came to residence in Valdai to sing for Vladimir Putin. He was grateful listener, much applauded… And after the concert me, the artists of the show and other musicians said, they say, well you just leave? Come sit, dinner. For us, set the table, and we had with the President about an hour talking. More precisely, for jokes. I that night was in shock and “drenched” one after the other, so vulgar! Even scared a bit: not enraged for evermore Vladimir Vladimirovich? But no, he laughed heartily”.

Together is better

“I’m Vladimir Putin and I met when he was working in the Administration, we met at government banquets, recalls Lev Leschenko. – Once, when he became Prime Minister, I was present in the concert hall “Russia”, spoke at the Bottom of the police. The President was there too, along with the artists at the reception.

I that evening took it upon myself to be a kind of master of ceremonies, and when Mr President was about to leave, I said: let’s hug it out for all to see that we are pals. He did not refuse. Somehow, on another event, which was also the head of state, I was standing next to the mufti and the Orthodox Bishop. And it so happened that Mr Putin went to greet them, and I, realizing this, moved to the side. But Putin came up to me, held out his hand and I said, “Lev Leschenko, the Russian Orthodox Church.” How he would laugh!

Then, many years later, we had a chance to sing together. It happened at a party in the Sochi sanatorium “Rus”. We were talking a small company of musicians, and suddenly we were joined by Putin. I went in, said Hello, and asked what they say, walk? Let me with you, just a new song learned. Sat down to the piano and began to play “City on free Neva”.

And I said, “Mr President, this song can not just play, and have to sing!” Well, we along with Alex Marshall, the three of us and sucked. The voice, by the way, the President is good, he sounds sincere”.

About vocal leader of the country said the head of “Turetsky Choir” Michael Miller. “A few years ago our team was lucky enough to sing with Vladimir Putin at the meeting, – says Mikhail Borisovich “StarHit”. – As much as 40 minutes, we sang beloved by several generations of songs – “Hope – my compass earth”, “From where the Motherland begins”… has Developed a warm atmosphere, Mr Putin stressed that it would be good people to remember these old hits. Thus was born the project “Holiday Songs – People karaoke”, when the Central area of the country in unison, hundreds of thousands of citizens of Russia perform time-tested compositions. And it’s great, because I am sure that a singing nation is a healthy nation! This is what I would like to wish our President: health, strength of spirit and inexhaustible energy for new achievements!”