Президент Франции Эммануэль Макрон встал на защиту супруги The politician did not understand why the age of his lady caused so much talk. A few days, the voters discuss the identity of the new first lady of France. Many are surprised that Bridget – 64 years, although her husband was only 39 years old.
Президент Франции Эммануэль Макрон встал на защиту супруги

The public continues to discuss the personal lives of the new head of France Emmanuel Makron. The President who won the elections of 2017, is married to Bridget Trone, the former teacher of the French language. The older woman’s policy for almost 25 years, so this mismatch caused a strong reaction from the people of his country. Some suspect that between spouses there are no feelings. Opponents of the new President to build even more bold assumption, noting that the Makron is representative of the homosexual. Family the new President of France: misalliance, a secret love and seven grandchildren

In an interview, Emmanuel told reporters that he disliked this interest in the lives of his family. According to the head of state, he faced homophobia and misogyny.

“If I was 20 years older than his wife, nobody in their right mind would not come to wonder how we fit each other. All these rumours just because of the fact that older in our pair that is Bridget. Only because of this everyone says that our relationship can’t be real and strong. In fact, this is a huge problem as a society evaluates a woman, and what place she takes,” said macron.

In social networks began to appear memes with a portrait of Emmanuel, and one scandalous newspaper published a cartoon in the caption which mocked the age of the spouse of the head of state and the fact that the couple has no children. Internet users, who stand on the side of the Makron, have considered such a sexist picture.

“These people have lost the sense of reality, just don’t believe in my marriage and give me some kind of parallel life, plus they’re clearly having problems with tolerance,” – said the President of spiteful critics.

The head of state says that the wife helps him to succeed. After in 2007, they formalized the relationship, the case of Emmanuel went up the hill. Herself, Bridget understands that living with a man from the world of politics is hard enough. “We must always remain “behind him” and be silent. I respect wives of politicians, because to be a companion of such a man means to be able to endure,” – said Tronie in an interview.