The presenter showed a selfie with the groom

Лена Летучая показала селфи с женихом
The presenter shared his love with the fans.

Elena Volatile and Yuri Anashenkov

Photo: @Instagram elenapegas Elena Volatile

Former TV show Revizorro”,
and now his producer — Elena Volatile shared in his microblog photo rare
her lover — Yuri Anashenkov. The girl published a cute joint
selfie with my fiance. “All love!” — Lena wished its subscribers in

In comments to photos
The fly in response to the wished of harmony and happiness in relationships with loved ones, and also expressed
hope for the return of TV stars in the project “Revizorro” as the lead.
However, this is unlikely, because its place is already taken by Olga
Romanov, who now will take over the show.

Now Flying in full
preparing for the most happy event of your life — for the wedding. As you know,
offer hands and hearts 37-year-old TV presenter got earlier this year
right on Valentine’s day beloved star got down on one knee,
took from his inside pocket a ring and asked her if she would marry him.
Elena, of course, said the coveted “Yes!” And now all my free from
time Volatile devotes to the preparation for the wedding. And since Volatile marriage
first time going and always chooses only the best of everything, she decided
choose an outfit from the most famous designer in the world of Bridal fashion — Vera Wang.

Elena and her choice —
Yuri Anashenkov plan on getting married later this summer. They have already chosen
a few places that fit their wedding, but is as yet undecided.
Most importantly, what is the future spouses agree — they don’t want unnecessary fuss
about his marriage, so, most likely, that was married,
Elena will inform their fans after the wedding will take place.

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