The premiere of the final season of “Hotel “Eleon” will be held on

Премьера финального сезона «Отеля «Элеон» пройдет на
The third season of the project will be the last.

Diana Pozharskaya and Milos Bikovich

Photo: STS

Video service announced the premiere of the final season of the Comedy series “Hotel “Eleon”. Service users will have an exclusive opportunity to see the first series final season to air on TV in the 10 Nov.

“Hotel “Eleon” — spin-off from the creators of the cult franchise “Kitchen” is about the insane adventures of employees of a five star boutique hotel and restaurant “Victor”.

In the new season to join the star team of the Hotel will join the main character of the film “kiss!” Egor Koreshkov — as the mysterious suitor of the heroine. (Diana Pozharskaya). In addition, in one series, the Hotel will visit the singer Yegor Krid. In the story the actor will guest star in the Armenian-Georgian wedding. Will appear in the final season is not new, but long a favorite with fans of “Kitchen” characters: the audience is waiting for long-awaited return of chef Fyodor (Mikhail Tarabukin), which couple with their best friend Senya (Sergey Lavygin) will turn everything on its head in the restaurant “Victor”. And Paul Abramovich (Milos Bikovich), which is experiencing not the best times, a change of profession and try yourself in the role of receptionist.

“Whenever we’re finishing a season of “Hotel “Eleon”, I am amazed at how you wrote a few months ago on paper becomes life, – said Vasily Kutsenko, screenwriter and creative producer. – This season I was pleasantly surprised by how accurately played by our actors. And all without weaknesses. “Hotel “Eleon” made a Symphony of sound. I love “Hotel “Eleon” because it can be anything. And believe me, in the final season we have something to surprise the viewer.”