The pregnant wife of George Clooney refuses to sleep with him

Беременная жена Джорджа Клуни отказывается с ним спать Amal dissatisfied with the behavior of the spouse. As reported by the tabloids, she evicted him in the other room. The expectant mother who bears twins, contraindicated in nervous. Clooney was sympathetic to the situation.

      Soon George Clooney and his wife Amal will become parents. According to star cinema, they are looking forward to the birth of twins. The actor told reporters that he was very happy when I found out about his wife’s pregnancy. However, according to foreign tabloids, for several weeks, Amal complains George.

      The publications, in the third trimester fiancee celebrity is faced with some problems. The expectant mother is not sleeping, as a big belly stopping to take a comfortable posture. However, according to journalists, the woman also complains of the husband’s behavior.

      “He snores like a monster. Especially if you swing it before going to sleep a couple of shots of tequila. She gets up almost every hour to use the ladies room,” – said source to one of the foreign portals.

      To solve this problem, Amal evicted George in the other room. Probably, her husband was sympathetic to such a situation. In the morning they eat Breakfast together and bonding. The actor loves to put hands on belly lady and feel like there moving kids.

      Clooney is willing to do anything for the twins. However, a few months ago the actor was not ready to be a father. Friends of the pair said that this topic has repeatedly provoked scandals between spouses.

      “Amal is constantly pressured George, demanding to have children. At first he reluctantly agreed, but later recanted his words. Therefore, Amal crushed. At the moment, they are living different lives…” – said in December last year, the friends Clooney.

      The marriage of George Clooney bursting at the seams

      Luckily, the pair managed to settle the conflict and avoid a breakup. Recall that Amal Alamuddin has married George Clooney in the fall of 2014. The wedding of a lawyer and actor, was held in Venice. The lovers and their guests arrived at the ceremony on the canals. The celebration was fun, Cindy Crawford, bill Murray, Bono, Anna Wintour, Matt Damon and many others. Besides, the ceremony was watched by numerous fans movie stars that lined the embankments and bridges of the Italian city.