У беременной жены Дмитрия Тарасова начался период гнездования Anastasia Kostenko is preparing for the birth of his daughter. Pregnant wife of a footballer “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov admitted that she had a burning desire to buy everything you need for baby.

Football player of the Moscow club “the locomotive” and his third wife, beauty Queen, model Anastasia Kostenko ready to become parents. For Dmitry this child will be the second – he has a daughter angelina from her first marriage with gymnast Oksana Ponomarenko. But for 24-year-old Anastasia’s baby will be the first.

Young woman in all the details, telling his followers on Instagram how pregnancy occurs. In anticipation of the child Nastya puts professional photo and captures the social network all your feelings.

So, Anastasia admitted that she started nesting, she wants as soon as possible, buy everything you need for a newborn.

“Docmeals called. The last week has opened in me a new feeling of “we must do everything so I calmed down.”To order everything, to buy, paint, buy, test! So funny and it’s nothing to this stage of “nesting” will not do. But it faced a phase of tranquillity,” wrote Anastasia Kostenko.

Anastasia not only reports the news in microblogging, but encourages his followers to dialogue. Pregnant wife of Dmitry Tarasov asked Internet users, who are also preparing to become parents, and also said that a joyful event, the appearance of the baby in her family, will happen in July.

“By the way, I have so many friends and acquaintances who are also in the magical anticipation. 2018 will be very fertile! If any of you are? Are you already the brightest event – the birth of a baby? And when it is, approximately? We have an important and long-awaited promises to be July!” – said Anastasia.

That Anastasia was pregnant, it became known in late March. About this the parents told themselves on the day of the birth of the model – 29. According to some, She will give birth in the clinical hospital “Lupino”, the delivery will cost a couple at least half a million rubles. The VIP ward and 500 thousand for delivery: ex-husband Buzovoy again will become a father