The pregnant star First channel eats herring with watermelon

Беременная звезда Первого канала ест селедку с арбузом
Leading “Good morning” talked about their food preferences.

Anastasia Tregubova

Photo: Instagram

Leading “Good morning” on the First channel of Anastasia Tregubova is on
the sixth month of pregnancy, and early next year will become a mother for the third
time. Recently, she told what
changes in tastes happened to her during the current pregnancy.

“Like all women in the position, notice the change in food
addictions — says Tregubova. — Remember how in the first trimester I am
like smelt and my husband was looking for her all over town… Even dreamed of salt
tomatoes, and not every accounting for taste, I had to look “perfect”.
But the most amazing thing is that I really like shrimp
caviar, we ate crab meat, and for dessert, I ate herring with watermelon.
A stunning mix!”

Recall that Anastasia is waiting for the third child became
known at the end of September. “What is it like to be three times a mother? — smiles
Anastasia. — To begin with, that while not much change has occurred, and the baby
plans to come next year… Yeah, lead morning air with the rise in
four in the morning became more difficult, but we’re still going to see you in the morning! And in
family life without change. Changes in emotions. I’m so happy that it is not
words can tell! So coincidentally that my “interesting situation” my
friends knew his birthday. Remember how I woke up from a call that began
with the words: “Anastasia, is that true?! I knew it!!!” At first I was surprised. But
now, remembering yesterday, I understand that all right there! Have
baby is one common holiday more… I basically believe that
family holidays in common. And separately I want to say thank you to your husband:
Sasha, you’re the best man in the world! I love you very much! Thank you
yesterday, and the best gift that I carry under my heart.”