Беременная солистка «Непары» путешествует по Европе Not so long ago the Duo returned from nice, where Alexander Shoua and his colleague went to work. Despite his interesting situation, Victoria talyshinskaya continues to tour. And after the birth of the child she didn’t plan to stay long in the decree. According to the musicians, she will leave home in the winter.

      Recently it became known that the 39-year-old singer Victoria talyshinskaya will become a mother soon. The actress, who is expecting first child, has ceased to hide his position. Fans of Victoria congratulate her with the future addition to the family. Pregnancy of the actress does not prevent her to work actively — to perform concerts, including abroad.

      Not long ago, the duet “Nepara” visited nice, where the artists not only pleased his fans but a little rest — got myself a shopping and taste local delicacies. “I eat oysters, I want to eat. Before the concert,” — wrote in Instagram pregnant talyshinskaya. Fans of Victoria wished her good appetite. “Vic, if you want, you can listen to nobody” “Very useful, eat for health, Bon appetit and all the best!”, “In France, the best oysters, enjoy”, “Press the phosphorus,” wrote the followers of the singer in the comments to her entry.

      Previously pregnant talyshinskaya performed on the stage of the Metropolitan yacht club restaurant. Together with Alexander, show they performed many favorite hits of the duet “Nepara”. The guests were satisfied with the concert. They also wished good luck to the expectant mother.

      After giving birth, Victoria has no plans to stay long on maternity leave, said the official account “Nepara” in social networks. From the post posted on this page, it follows that talyshinskaya get back to work in the winter.

      “We heartily congratulate our beloved Victoria! We wish you easy and enjoyable pregnancy, and a speedy return! Because fans love and expect our Duo in all corners of the country. And Vic, in turn, promises that this winter we will meet again,” wrote representatives of the “Neary” in Instagram.

      Recall that the duet “Nepara”, which is known for such songs as “Another reason”, “Cry and see” and “God invented you”, broke up in 2012. But a year later, the artists decided to resume its activity, the initiator of this idea was Alexander, show. In an interview with “StarHit” the musicians said that the break in work has affected them favorably. Alexander and Victoria returned to the stage with new ideas and energy. The duet “Nepara”: “Vick had half a second to accept my offer”

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