The pregnant Nelly Ermolaeva started nesting

У беременной Нелли Ермолаевой начался период гнездования The presenter complained that many of her blamed for premature trouble. Nelly Ermolaeva gets the pleasure of shopping for the future baby. Now she equips a room for the long-awaited first child.

After a couple of months Nelli Ermolaeva and her husband Kirill Andreev for the first time become parents. The expectant mother a long time did not dare to buy necessary things for the unborn baby. Now, however, she spends time looking for just the basic necessities a baby born. Nellie decided to share with fans a pleasant hassle.

“We, for example, up to six months never bought anything, never told anyone especially waited for this milestone “six months”! Then for three months all easy to prepare. In the 27th week on the sly began to “gnedovets”. To shiver in hands create room for the baby and buy everything you need. I love the period. Many criticized me, like before birth is impossible! I do not think so and do not want. Then with a bullet in the same place to go shopping for a few days before the birth?! No, thank you. And my husband don’t want to torment. A child needs to feel that he was waiting for, preparing for his appearance,” – said TV presenter.

Fans gladly began to discuss this topic. Among some followers Ermolaeva, there were those who because of tragic stories became serious superstition, but the majority supported the mother and saw nothing wrong to acquire the necessary things in advance.

“Of course, you need to buy everything and prepare for the baby’s arrival. Then once will shopping rush, you need to be with the child all day to be around”, “For me to buy in advance – it means that when the baby is still in my thoughts. And when about to give birth, this is the time. So all this nonsense”, “all this Prejudice. We did all the cooking. Then just not up to it, hospital, childbirth, running the family. And then the husband may not buy it, nerves are on edge. And so there is still time for joy and wait for the baby,” shared the reasoning of more experienced parents.

Nelly lives an active lifestyle she enjoys going to various events and works. The TV presenter is happy that next to her is her husband who supports her in everything. Nelly Ermolaeva: “I Hope to give birth to twins!”