The power of words: changing the faces of people after compliment

Сила слова: как меняются лица людей после комплимента

Turkish photographer Mehmet genç, known under the pseudonym Rotasiz Seyyah (“the wanderer without a destination”), has created a series of images “You’re beautiful”, which showed how to look women and children before and after the rapture.

We interact with people daily. But do we notice, WHAT we tell them and HOW to start a conversation? Do we remember that sometimes one word, just one word can radically change the mood or even the fate of the interlocutor. And to affect our lives too. No wonder psychologists and scientists around the world are forever reminded of the boomerang did a good thing, then you will be happy. And for those who still doubts this, the photographer Mehmet genç presented an amazing project: he traveled the world and photographed people in the first minute of meeting, and then immediately after tell them that they are beautiful. Shots turned out incredibly vivid and touching…

Сила слова: как меняются лица людей после комплимента

It seems that after the phrase “You are beautiful” people will truly become beautiful and good, and all the anxieties and worries literally erased from their faces. Looking at this result, and I want to run outside and tell all the passers-by complimeti!

By the way, two weeks photo project Mehmet genç in Canada YouTube has collected more than 40 thousand hits and almost as many rave reviews.

“It’s incredible. You made my day, What beautiful pictures. I congratulate you on a brilliant project. And thank you for bring good in the world,” wrote the Internet users.