The pose house: Vitorgan has learned to embrace pregnant

Поза домиком: Виторган научился обнимать беременных

The exhaust on the wife method is useful Maxim in the work.

Pregnant women literally surrounded by Maxim Vitorgan. Just before his house was waited by the pregnant wife Xenia, and now at work have to deal with a colleague with exactly the same big tummy.

Maxim removed now in the Comedy of Karen Oganesyan “Life ahead”, which should play the father of two children and happy wife, waiting, when his wife will give him a third child. There’s Maxim to invent nothing, the role of the husband of the pregnant woman he is familiar with firsthand. And by the way, his colleague, actress Valerie Kozhevnikova, also easy to get used to the image, because the tummy she didn’t slip, and the present. The actress is in her eighth month of pregnancy.

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After a few days of shooting Vitorgan admitted that he has no idea where he is – at home or on the set.

“Continually surprising me, judging by the expression on my face, directed by Karen Oganesyan and my uncontested pregnant partner Valerie Kozhevnikova, who allowed me to feel at work like at home”, – has signed the actor.

Valeria also noticed that Maxim has already worked out the tactics of communication with pregnant women. He even confessed to her that has developed its own way of hugging.

“He is a very sensitive partner. In the scene where he had to calm the wife by the arms, he said to me: don’t worry, I know how to get the “house” (laughs) that gently hug a woman in an interesting position,” – said Valery Woman’s Day.

View Vitorgan method in action, viewers will be able only in the spring of 2017, when there will be the premiere of “the Life ahead”.