Полиция возбудила дело о захвате наследства Никиты Джигурды According to some reports, relatives of the dead girlfriend showman rented one of her apartments to rent before the end of litigation. As journalists, law enforcement officers caught close Lyudmila Bratash in illegal actions.
Полиция возбудила дело о захвате наследства Никиты Джигурды

Showman Nikita Dzhigurda continues to struggle over the estate of the deceased Lyudmila Bratash. The apartment on the street Marshal Katukova in Moscow, bequeathed to the artist, it seems relatives of the businesswoman. Close Bratash, noted in the media, had no right to act as arendatoram until the end of litigation.

How did you find the journalists, to the police station “Strogino” learned about the illegal actions of relatives Bratash. According to correspondents, law enforcement officers filed a case of seizure of the apartment.

Statements that relatives Bratash do not follow the letter of the law, Dzhigurda has acted before, but until recently, law enforcement officers did not act decisively. Showman claimed that the estate of Ludmila on the street Marshal Katukova leased sister businesswoman Svetlana Romanova. On hearing this, Nikita went to the police. Romanova wrote a counter-statement on the Army, accusing him of illegal entry into the apartment and stealing important documents.

According to the chair, his dead friend Bratash called Romanov, a thief. Therefore, businesswoman allegedly did not execute her will, fearing illegal action on the part of the sister. According to the showman, Svetlana extended to three apartments Ludmila in Minsk, bought for mother. In addition, Nikita said that a friend arranged her last will in several documents: one was kept in Moscow, the second in Paris, and the third by a notary in the United States. However, according to Dzhigurda, preserved only the will that was in America.

In addition to ownership in Strogino businesswoman owned the apartment Kutuzovsky prospect and Rublevskoe shosse. According to some reports, relatives Bratash allegedly passed her estate on the street of Marshal Katukova for 35 thousand rubles a month, reports Mash.

Last week, in Kuntsevsky court of Moscow was held a meeting on the appeal of the statement of Nikita Dzhigurda. However, the artist was asked to move it to another date. Showman complained of health problems and has shown documents signed by doctors. Dzhigurda said that severely weakened and in need of bedrest. “The night I got a hypertensive crisis. The reference I gave. Pills, drugs, freaking me out,” admitted Nikita.