Полиция выясняет причины стрельбы Умара Джабраилова в элитном отеле Friends believe that the businessman carelessly handled weapon. Umar Dzhabrailov opened fire at the hotel, located in the heart of Moscow. Now the man is detained. Against him a criminal case.

A well-known businessman Umar Dzhabrailov, was detained after he opened fire in a luxury hotel room, which is located in the heart of the capital on Okhotny Ryad. Protection of the hotel, where he lived, called the police. The security service noticed the CCTV cameras that on the sixth floor of the guest got on the Elevator with a gun in his hand.

Later three police officers arrived, which caught the guest in the room. After the man opened the door, the police saw in his arms. Dzhabrailov could be persuaded to put the gun on the floor. He did not resist arrest, but because the police took him to the office.

During the inspection of the rooms of the hotel, which consists of three rooms and a private kitchen, was discovered bullet holes in the ceiling and in the floor. Journalists have also reported that in the apartment found a white powder of unknown origin. Information about affected anyone from the actions of men, has not yet been reported.

Now the businessman Dzhabrailov is in the detention center, and near the police Department going countrymen of the businessman, expressing his sympathy. The police are trying to limit access to the police to avoid riot. The man faces charges under article “Hooliganism”. In this case, he faces a penalty of a fine in the amount of up to half a million rubles, correctional labor for up to two years. Friends of a businessman told me that, most likely, the shots were fired inadvertently, as Dzhabrailov had old weapons.

“The shot was an accident. From Umar old premium gun “Yarygin” which, when distortion of the gate can he shoot. That’s what happened tonight — Dzhabrailov pulled the plug and there was a shot,” said the friend of the businessman.

In a press there were assumptions about the reasons for the aggression of a prominent businessman. As it became known edition of Life, late in the evening, the man ordered dinner in the hotel room. He did not like that cart of food rolled up worker, not a waiter. The businessman opened fire. While the consequence establishes all circumstances of incident.

59-year-old Umar Dzhabrailov, a well-known personality in Chechnya. In December 1999, he intended to run for President of Russia, but soon the Moscow city Prosecutor’s office charged him with forgery of signature sheets. On election, he took 11th place and was the last and the electoral race.