The police arrested the son of Madonna

Полиция арестовала сына Мадонны
Rocco caught using “doping”.

Полиция арестовала сына Мадонны



Son Madonna Rocco


It seems that the custody battle over 16-year-old son of Madonna and guy Ritchie can be
resumed. In any case, recent events have cast serious doubt
in the parental skills of Gaius, to whom the court has entrusted the upbringing of Rocco. The fact is,
yesterday a young man was arrested by the London Metropolitan police who caught him “on the spot
crimes.” This was reported by British newspaper the Sun.

The call to police came from one of the neighbors of guy Ritchie,
whose house lives, Rocco escaped from Madonna to her father in London in December last year. The caller was indignant that suits
the son of Madonna along with your buddies in the elite quarter. He complained that
around here young people are not only noisy and disruptive, but obviously
doing something illegal, probably drugs.
And today, as stated by the Complainant, Rocco and his friend again started some

Arrived on the scene, summoned by the patrol found Rocco and his friend sitting
on the parapet. Noticing the police, the son of Madonna something hastily thrown
to the side. However, the guards noticed on his clothes the traces of marijuana and
asked to open the backpack, where he found a small stock pot. After which the young man was arrested. However, the prosecution Rocco is not yet threatened because
according to British law, a young offender, to transgress the law for the first time
get off in the vicinity of remedial classes and a small amount of public

But now law enforcement authorities have serious reason to doubt
in that they made the right decision. After the verdict, guy Ritchie got
sole custody of the son because he was recognized as a more adequate parent
for Rocco than Madonna. But the arrest of the young man and the statement that caused the police neighbor
that he and his buddies constantly not behaving properly, makes
wonder does the guy with his mentor’s son.