Поэтессу Валентину Хасанову преследует обезумевший поклонник
With the creation of each new work of Homo sapiens, called homosapience, and talented man, going the right chose for him more than by, its popularity increases.

Поэтессу Валентину Хасанову преследует обезумевший поклонник

The number of such people belongs to the poet and writer from Kazakhstan Valentina Khasanova. After a series of successful presentations of collections of poems Valentina “Slice mango” and “Kiss with a taste of coffee” it became even more to learn on the street, not to give the passage in public places and to fill requests for autographs.

And it is in such situations begins to occur distortion between those who create and those who contemplate it. Console identical – meaning the same puts people on different sides of the barricades.

Contemplatives decide that personal contact brings them closer, they hear, see, and with luck, even feel their idol – and in the minds of some of them is born the highest idea of owning this star, which eventually turns into them the meaning of life.

Was no exception and star of the literary world Valentina Khasanova.Filled with feelings fan began his pursuit of Valentina, it would seem, the usual things, such as bouquets of flowers and gifts brought by couriers to public places, where she spent creative evenings and simply been your Valentine. Over time, fan love, began to acquire the features of obsessions. The Stalker figured out the home address of the writer became personally come to her house, throw the bouquet of flowers over the fence and leave at high speed. Another time would-be suitor attempted to open the window at the stars on the second floor. All this deprived Valentina sense of complete safety in your own home. Forced by circumstances, Valentine went around the house with a panic button in his hands. Night calls with silence and sighs into the phone escalated into mass phone calls and SMS texting with the requirements of the personal meeting and expressing a desire to have a poet. Unfortunately, the thirst for physical intimacy and the intention to become the spouse of a star – a frequent phenomenon and is another of the obsessions of fanboys and fangirls.
Thanks to the efforts of friends and employees of the security company, which was forced to turn Valentine, it was found that the Stalker listened to all telephone conversations of the writer, as well as to supervise and control her movements, making pictures of Valentina from the car to the next table in the café and other places of observation.

Finally, the history of the great Patriotic war crazed fan after a few turbulent months came to its end. The culprit of these events was a thirty-year resident of hometown stars. Valentine expressed his heartfelt thanks for the valiant service of the employees of security structures and stated that it intends to review its relationship with the fans in the future to avoid such incidents.

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