The Plus model Ashley Graham shows off figure in bikini

Модель Plus Эшли Грэм хвастается фигурой в бикини

28-year-old model is not shy about her figure, and shares candid shots from Sunny Mexico.

Among the regular shots and fashion contracts Graham found time for myself. Together with his friends the famous Plus Size model went on vacation in one of resorts in Mexico. From there Ashley puts photos in a bikini by the pool and ocean that delight the audience.

“Rest girls”, – shared her emotions with fans of Ashley under the photo in the purple bikini. But most of all, fans liked the video of the model, where she hand covering his bare chest lying by the pool.

Video posted by A S H L E Y G R A H A M (@theashleygraham) Oct 8 2016 at 3:01 PDT

“You are beautiful!, “Looking at people like you, start to believe in yourself”, “you have perfect figure”, praised members Ashley.

By the way, recently, Graham lost, which caused a wave of indignation from fans of the star.

Fans of the model was furious: “You betrayed many people. I’m not a fan of yours”, “You lost all my sexuality!” wrote enraged and offended subscribers.”And what will happen next? She lost to parameters of conventional models, but still will present itself as a plus-size?” – argued by other users.