The plane Jennifer Lawrence refused both engines

У самолета Дженнифер Лоуренс отказали оба двигателя
The actress narrowly escaped death.

Jennifer Lawrence


Recently Jennifer Lawrence just as miraculously
died. She was on the plane, which, due to a sudden emergency
a situation that was almost doomed to crash…

It all started with the fact that one of the two engines
the small plane in which the star of “the hunger games” returned to new York, began to “fail”.
And then, in that moment, when the plane was at an altitude of 9.5 km, he
blacked out completely. Passengers warned about extra reduction. But
halfway to earth has ceased to operate and the second engine. Fortunately, at this point
the plane was directly over a small airport in Buffalo. How the pilot managed
plan on a runway and not crash remains a mystery.

You can imagine what went through Lawrence, who was in the cabin “cruise
machine.” However, looking around her at the airport doctors to the landing place landing
aircraft urgently drove a fire truck and an ambulance — witnessed,
what the actress did not receive any serious injuries and coped with stress.
Press Secretary Lawrence also officially confirmed that the actress was not injured.

The incident happened when the 26-year-old Jennifer
was returning from his native Louisville(ky), home to her family. How not
was just telling the actress, in this city, it connects the fondest memories.
Here she grew up and still live in her family, which she
tries to visit as often as possible. But when now, after happened with her accident, Lawrence has the courage
to get back in the plane flying this route is unknown.