The Pharrell Williams born triplets.

У Фаррелла Уильямса родилась тройня

American musician Pharrell Williams and his wife Helen Lasica became the parents of triplets. The couple already has an 8-year-old son rocket.

The American musician and producer Pharrell Williams (Pharrell Williams) and his wife Helen Lasica (Helen Lasichanh) was born triplets. The names and gender of the newborns is still unknown. Representatives of Williams said that the kids and their mom “happy and healthy”.

The author of the hit Happy, 43-year-old Pharrell Williams and 36-year-old Helen Lasica married in October 2013. The couple already have an eight-year-old son rocket Williams (Williams Rocket).

By the way, not so long ago, Farrell signed a contract with fashion House Chanel. The musician had the honor of being the first man to represent the line of Chanel handbags.