The petite sex symbol of Hollywood again became the father

The petite sex symbol of Hollywood again became the father
Wife stars of “Game of thrones” made him happy with a second child.

Peter Dinklage and Erica Schmidt


As it became
you know, the wife of actor Peter Dinklage playing a dwarf Tyrone
Lannister in “Game of thrones,” recently gave birth. 42-year-old Eric Schmidt gave
wife have a second child. Name and baby’s gender is not disclosed.

Erica is pregnant, became known only in early autumn, when the wife of Jackson, appearing
with him at one of the concerts,
demonstrated your already huge belly. Peter admits that he just
adores his wife. Although the actor practically nothing and never talks about
his personal life, getting one of his many awards, he is not
resist. “I love you, Erica! You’re just amazing, amazing woman!”
he said from the stage.

Peter and
Eric — a rather unusual couple. She is rather tall, its growth is only slightly below
1 meter 70 centimeters. And Peter is just the foot
five. However, this does not prevent him to be considered one of Hollywood sex symbols
and enjoy a high popularity among fans. With Erica, he was married
in 2005, in Las Vegas. And since then they live together quite happily. And
in 2011, Schmidt made happy husband with a daughter who was named Zelig. Curiously,
although the girl look like Peter, it is normal growth.

The Dinklage has every reason to be proud of not only family, but also his career. To
his 48 years, Peter managed to play in 75 films and television series. He was six times
nominated for the highest telengard for an Emmy and twice became the winner. To
also in the house of the actor stands in the place of honor, among other awards most valuable
his “trophy” – a Golden globe, received in 2012 for her role in “Game of thrones”.