Личная жизнь финалистов «Битвы экстрасенсов»: что осталось за кадром The winner of the 18th season of the show. They became Constantine Hecate, who was considered a favorite from the very first issue. However, before the announcement of the strongest mages told about the obstacles on his way and plans for the future.
Личная жизнь финалистов «Битвы экстрасенсов»: что осталось за кадром

The 18th season of “the Battle of psychics” came to an end. The final project came Constantine Hecate, Sofia Egorova, Alexander Kininov, Jean and Dana Alibekova. Each participant proved himself during the most difficult trials, so I could claim victory.

Before we announce the results of the audience voting, the organizers of the show decided to acquaint fans with each of the leaders of the season. So, Jean and Dana Alibekova invited a film crew into your home. Mother of the psychics told that their abilities began to manifest at an early age. The presence of the gift brought even more relatives.

Psychic from “the battle of psychics” Jean Alibekov: “On the Hill I was left with good memories”

“For me, brother — the most important person in my life. No other man will ever be able to take his place. I’m always happy with their achievements,” said Dana.

As it turned out, both psychic and mother of two sons. Now the finalists will spend all the time helping people, so communicating with loved ones they are often not strong enough.

By the way, before the announcement of results Jean told the other participants about his prophecy. The day before the shooting he saw himself in a dream with the coveted blue hand.

For the other finalist Alexandra Kininova “the Battle of psychics” was the chance of a lifetime. The man was not only able to demonstrate their abilities, but also found love during filming. A girl named Anna he met on one of the final tests.

“She wrote to me, found on the social network. Then they began to call each other, see each other. Now and have no idea how to do this. Only I am sorry in advance for the wedding we crew will not call. It’s personal,” said Alexander.

By the way, Kininov bet on the victory of Sofia Egorova. Card predicted the first place is charming witch.

She Egorova refused to make predictions. The girl quickly became one of the favorites of the audience. Sometimes the words of Sophia were too hard, but it almost always risen to the challenges. In the words of the witches, a gift she inherited from her father.

Личная жизнь финалистов «Битвы экстрасенсов»: что осталось за кадром“He’s always had the ability, treated by hand. When dad died, it was for my mother a real shock. But I feel his support and presence,” said Sophia.

Commented the girl and his alleged affair with Konstantin Hecate. According to the girl, she hoped for a relationship, came on the show for the sake of victory, but still feels to a competitor very warm feelings.

But Constantine himself is sure that Sophia is in love with him. At least, that’s exactly what intuition suggests. Talented psychic from Alanya throughout the season was considered a favorite. The man easily passed all the tests, because he was helped by the spirits.

Seers Alanya made contact with Hecate at the age of ten years. Then the boy nearly died, but after the disease failed to gain supernatural powers. Constantine took a while to learn how to use the gift and to understand their purpose.

Now for the sake of their abilities Hecate willing to sacrifice a lot, including personal life. According to the psychic, he had no serious relationship for over a decade.

“The last time you fell in love when I was 17, but then it was not mutual. Now seers forbid me to have a relationship because they take too much life energy. I know that sooner or later will come the same single. I only need one woman, and she already knows me. I’m the only one with it until the sign” – shared Hecate.

The final season was tense. Each participant of “Battle of psychics” dream of victory, but the coveted blue hand eventually went to Konstantin Hecate. He thanked all the viewers who voted for him. The man took first place with a score of more than 50%.

But Sofya Egorova thanked the organizers of the project. Shortly before that, the girl told the sad news. During the filming of one of the tests she had heard that the 18th season of the show may be the last. That is why the witch hastened to say, “the Battle of psychics” longevity on television.

It is still unknown whether the shooting took place, the new season of the project, but it is obvious that many more people with the ability to foresee would like to come to the project.

To congratulate the finalists came from many participants of the previous seasons. Among them was Elena Golunova and her son Vlad Kadoni, Swami Dasha, Alexander Sheps, Victoria Raydos and others. Each of them had their favorites, but most of the stars project still put on a victory of Constantine Hecate.