The performer of the track «Squat»Palatoff presented a new song The composition received the bright name “Brilliant”.< p>
The performer of the track Due to the low timbre of the artist, Palatoff (real name Sergei Palatov) is often compared to Artur Pirozhkov. However, Sergei does not agree with this state of affairs: “We have only tenors singing. Therefore, there is Revva with Arthur Pirozhkov, and there is no one else to compare with. In addition, the roles of the singers are completely different. Revva has a cheerful banter over the macho image, while Palatoff raises quite serious topics with humor. =”The performer of the track “Squat” Palatoff presented a new song” />

The recently released track “Brilliant” is a confirmation of this. The performer urges girls not to follow dubious fashion and not strive to change their appearance: “Do you want Jolie's lips, Jolie's cheekbones. Why do you need strangers – yours are beautiful. And if earlier we heard that diamonds are a girl's best friend, now, with the suggestion of Palatoff, a woman is a diamond herself: “What distinguishes one girl from another is her value. In her real, pure, sincere beauty,” says Sergey.

Interestingly, the song could have been released a few months earlier. In February, the track was already recorded. However, the artist's perfectionism forced the premiere to be postponed. “The result should be as cool as possible, as cool as possible – so that you yourself are delighted with it. If this requires more time, some more resources, some people, then you need to find time, find people, find resources and do it even better.”

Dancer Dmitry Krasilov decided to support the singer. Together with him, they recorded a video for a new song. In it, they, in the form of good angels, transform girls, showing their natural beauty. track "Squat" Palatoff presented a new song” />

Sergey Palatov has been making music all his life, playing the guitar professionally. The general public learned about him after the track “Squat”. Despite the fact that for now he is torn between the IT business and the creation of songs, in the future he plans to devote himself only to creativity. To do this, he equipped his own music studio, works with music mentors, studies composition and production.

And, yes, “Brilliant” is already available for listening on all music platforms.

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