The performance of Anton Lavrentiev on the Voice “blew up” the Internet

The singer donated a television career for music.

The stars of “heads and tails” continue to storm super-popular
TV project “the Voice.” Two years ago, in the fourth season it took
part of Regina Todorenko, and this the forces tried Anton Lavrentiev.

As a result, the artist not only passed the first stage of the project — “blind
listening”, but also conquered the Internet users. Now his statement on
the show has a Network of more than one million hits, and while that’s a record
the new season of the program. I wonder
in order to do what you love — music, Anton donated a television career.
He left the “eagle and Tails”, released an album with the telling title “My
travel”, and then sent the application form for participation in “the Voice”.

“I originally wanted to get into the team yesterday — shared
with Anton. But already here we realized that we had to go to Pelageya. Worked
some kind of chemistry, intuition — my heart told me that it is my mentor. I sing with
six years, and when led travel show, each issue ended with the performance of my
songs. I have long tried to ignore the music, but realized that I can’t. Decided
send the application form for participation in “the Voice”. For me
participation in this project is first and foremost a challenge to myself, because, to
my sorrow, I suffer all kinds of exams and contests, where you
to show that you are better than others. But the thought of Voice has long lived in my
head. When I realized that the time has come, come to fulfill the dream! It’s a chance
to work with top-notch professionals in an incredible team. To sing for
a huge audience, and Studio, and television, for me, as for
musician, step forward!”