The people of Ukraine do not want to “Eurovision”

Жители Украины не хотят «Евровидения»

A third of the population believes that the country should abandon the prestigious competition.

No matter how many controversies surrounding the “Eurovision” final, yet Jamal – it’s official the winner! So, is Ukraine to meet the participants in 2017.

But as it turned out, thought the Ukrainians are now busy not songs… moreover, according to the survey, one third of the inhabitants of the country and do not want to “Eurovision” was held in their homeland.

According to the population survey conducted by TNS Online Track, 35% of residents gave a sigh would feel better if the contest was held abroad.

11% of citizens offered to give Australia the event, which this year took second place. 9% of respondents reported that they were ready to pass on the opportunity to hold a contest any European country. And 9% said that would be correct, if “Eurovision” will be held in the “liberated” Crimea… And only 29% agree with the contest in Ukraine. And with the proviso that the country will be on this financial opportunity.

The Minister of culture of Ukraine Evgeny nisoc has already made it clear that it is now just there… Because European countries in recent years, spending at the tender of not less than $50 million And only hope Square – the Western investors to the financing of the contest “Eurovision-2017”.

“We need to attract European experts, as the high bar, which is now in Stockholm, require very large financial investments”, – the words of Yevhen Nyshchuk RIA Novosti.

However, the lack of means – not so bad, the country also there is no suitable concert hall, where you could fit tens of thousands of spectators. About this Nischuk also forgot to mention. In particular, he noted that the projects on construction of facilities, but the country will not have time to implement any one of them for the year.

In the meantime…

In Russia already in full swing discussion of the candidacy, which will go to defend the honor of our country at the contest next year. A desire to go to Eurovision has previously expressed Natasha Koroleva, Joseph Kobzon and Sergey Shnurov (read more HERE).

And today it became known that the list of candidates arrived. Their willingness to demonstrate talent in the vocal competition said the star, who is constantly shocked, Sergey Zverev.

“If I go, I will do all. I sensation, just so you know,” said the artist (read more HERE).

And who would you send on “the Eurovision-2017” from Russia?

  • Natasha Koroleva! An experienced artist will not get embarrassed
  • I for Kobzon. This is a classic
  • The Only Cord! He’ll show everybody!
  • Vote for the king of outrageous Sergei Zverev. The competition is such love
  • I don’t care. None of them will win
  • Other (write in comments)

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