Пингвина в фильме «Елки 5» рисовали девять  художников The film-makers have discovered some secrets of one of the most anticipated tapes of the year. “StarHit” became aware of the difficulties faced by the producers in matters of graphics and at what point viewers will see a live penguin.

      Пингвина в фильме «Елки 5» рисовали девять  художников

      “The symbol of the fifth part of the movie was the Royal penguin named Pavlovich, – said the “StarHit” producer visual effects Marina Simkina. – It was the idea of Director Timur Bekmambetov. In the film “Christmas Tree 5” Bob (hero of love) wants to establish a relationship with the family, for the sake wants to make a special gift to the son, and steals penguin from zoo friend Eugene (the hero of Svetlakov). P. escapes and the whole film looking for his way home.

      First, to our Studio from the nursery brought the penguin breed, Humboldt – he was small, pretty, smelled of fish. We are a few hours removed him from all angles, in motion, was planning to recreate the computer copy. But in the end realized that this is too small and will not look spectacular in a frame.

      Decided that film is ideal Emperor penguin – his height more than a meter and a weight of about 20 kg. But to bring this zoo to pose extremely difficult. So we had to read a bunch of books on Zoology, scientific articles. During the month Pavlovich and his wife Ksenia was drawing nine graphic artists. Ksenia is a little different from her husband, her abdomen is not red and yellow.

      The hardest thing was to recreate the shimmering effect of the coat of the penguin. Timur Bekmambetov personally made changes, changed habits, added tricks.

      The real penguin will appear in the frame only once in one of the promo video where he gets out of the Fontanka river and passes by the sleeping homeless people… This is a video we found on the Internet. In all other cases, p. is computer graphics”.