The patient Anastasia Makeeva “pumped out” behind the scenes

Больную Анастасию Макееву «откачали» за кулисами
The actress complained of health problems.

Anastasia Makeeva

Photo: Instagram

Anastasia Makeeva last week picked up a virus and got sick. And all anything, but there the artist was waiting for a four-day tour performances in St. Petersburg. It was declared in six performances, and to replace the star, nobody could. The result is Anastasia went to the Northern capital in the diseased state.

After the first performance colleagues were ready to call makeevoy ambulance. The artist after the performance behind the scenes was bad. “I’m in shock from your body! I came to Peter in a state of almost hospitalization and before me stood an incredible challenge to play 6 plays and two run at full power… — said Anastasia. — Thought I will not play and single play… I will not lie, a couple of days ago, my colleagues behind the scenes, deciding how to evacuate “the corpse”, that is me. They thought that I should revive the epinephrine!”

To the surprise of Anastasia, gradually, she got better and to the final performance, she was just fine. Moreover, in the sick as she sounded even better than usual. “It’s amazing that every day my voice was more and more back to normal (without treatment of course), but still with such a load, not every healthy person will survive, but I am sick survived!” — proud of Makeeva. Fans are asked Makeeva to be more attentive to your body. Because they’re seriously harming their health and then spend a lot of effort to restore it.

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