Кондитер раскрыла секрет свадебного десерта принца Гарри и Меган Маркл
Soon we will know how many children Harry has planned.

Кондитер раскрыла секрет свадебного десерта принца Гарри и Меган Маркл

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


The closer
the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, planned for may of this year, the greater
the hype makes Britons each new detail of the upcoming ceremony,
which it becomes known. The wedding of Prince promises to be colorful
holiday. So, it seems that no scandal erupted like the other day
the incident with cracked archive photos of the bride, can’t ruin it

announced the representative of Kensington Palace, the bride and groom have already decided
with the wedding dessert. They chose London
the confectionery firm Violet Bakery, which has entrusted the manufacture of the main table decoration —
wedding cake. Executive pastry chef company Claire Ptek told about what will be this cake. “They asked me
to create a lemon cake covered with butter cream and decorated with a bright spring
flowers!” — told the Ptek.

The choice of the bride and groom were not accidental: Megan first met
Claire — at a time when she has not
was familiar to Harry. Markle, which led at that time your blog Network,
dedicated to lifestyle, took Ptek interview.Then Megan really liked
myself and Claire, and what she talked about his sweet style.

the most interesting of all, because the cake will be known only after
the solemn wedding Banquet which will be held at Windsor castle,
more precisely in the hall of St. George’s Hall.
We are talking about how many layers of cake you decide to keep intact the couple. At
tradition, they are frozen to save the christening of future children
couples. And the number in store
layers can accurately predict how many children you plan to have the groom
and the bride.

Recall that Prince William and Duchess Catherine, combined by marriage in
2011 retained three layers. And made on this basis, the forecast on the number
Chad spouse is still correct. After all, Katherine, is now raising two children — Prince George and Princess Charlotte, should give birth in the next month
with my third child.

Wedding cake of Prince William and Duchess Catherine

Photo: PA Photos/TASS