Участники «Дискотеки Аварии» подались в бизнесмены Performers have set up their own project. The leaders of the group Alexey Serov and Alexey Ryzhov Wake up the sleepy citizens of the capital of coffee. In the new establishment of stars has a unique atmosphere.

      Участники «Дискотеки Аварии» подались в бизнесмены

      The leaders of the group “Disco Crash” Alexey Serov and Alexey Ryzhov decided on a new milestone in his career. Only this time, their cause is not connected with show business. Being big fans of coffee, friends and colleagues in the group opened a cosy espresso bar in Moscow. The intention of the stars of the school “Coffee & Milk” will initiate the establishment of a network of coffee houses of the same name.

      “We genuinely love what we do and do what we love. The city has many standard coffee shops without its atmosphere. And in the pursuit of profit, severely affected the quality of coffee and service, ” says Alexey Serov. – We do not want to compromise with quality, therefore we have every institution will have its own atmosphere and attention to guests”.

      Interestingly, the range of espresso bars is mostly a classic of the genre, made according to original recipes using modern cooking techniques. So, guests will have a chance to try coffee made by such methods of brewing as a pour-over, chemex, aeropress, and so on. In addition, the atmosphere in the coffee shop promises to be very special – this took care of members of the group “Disco Crash”.

      “The most important thing is that we use beans, roasted according to our special order at the modern high-tech equipment, in compliance with all intricacies of production. The menu will also be pleasantly combined with coffee, desserts and light snacks. Well, the summer season we have at the ready original lemonades and milkshakes – says Alexey Ryzhov. – By the way, our espresso bar will be open from eight in the morning to grab the early bird or in a hurry in the offices nearby and up to 22 hours, so waiting for all to visit.”

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