The participants made a show of parodies in honor of the 12th anniversary of “House-2”

Участники устроили шоу пародий в честь 12-летия «Дома-2»

Specially for the sake of the concert Andrei Cherkasov repeated the famous scene of eating the chicken Venceslava Vengrzhanovskiy, Alexander Artemov turned in Liberi, and Eugene Kuzin tried on the images of Michael Jackson and his ex-mother-in-law Irina Alexandrovna. The children also depicted what would be their life 30 years after “House-2” and if they were international stars…

“The whole program has been prepared by us. And, in my opinion, was very talented, ” said Yevgeny Kuzin. All I said that I am very similar to Michael Jackson. Generally, the TV project “Dom-2” has collected a huge amount of talent. For me “the House-2″ is my home. And I was so regarded. On the project I had a son Mitya… Now I have a new relationship, a new love. Yes there – I have a house in the suburbs, an apartment in Moscow and a Villa in the Seychelles”.

About his life on the TV and told Olga Buzova, which came to the project as a participant, then became his leading, and recently starred in the TV series about herself. Read more HERE.

“For me, “Dom-2” is a huge step in life. Thanks to the project I had the opportunity to realize themselves. During these 12 years I have worked as a writer and as an actress, and as a designer and as a presenter. “The house-2″ became my starting point, and together with the project I grew up, matured and became more confident”, – said Olga.

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Expressed words of gratitude and love for the show and presenter Ksenia Borodina: “During this time we have experienced many events, many changes in life. Were of frustration and grief, but our family is always cheerful, kind and, most importantly, a loving”.

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