Участники «Голоса» трогательно поздравили Пелагею

Singer, the former mentor of young artists in the popular TV show, and now the wife of hockey player Ivan Telegin 14 July celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Major folk singer celebrates 30th anniversary. During three seasons of the show “the Voice” she managed to get not only a tremendous professional experience, but also a huge number of talented friends and acquaintances. Wards Pelagia on the project decided to congratulate her mentor through the website Woman’s Day.

Nikita Pozdnyakov, member of the first season of the show “the Voice”:

— She is a wonderful person. Repeatedly said that I am very easy with her work on the project. She is very smart, fun, lively, emotional. Besides, a true professional, a wonderful singer. Very respect her. Despite the fact that we are busy people and meet rarely, we keep in touch, stay in touch. Congratulate each other on holidays. With the wedding, I congratulated her, too.

Tina Kuznetsova, participant of the second season of the show “the Voice”:

— First and foremost the Field is very cheerful person, sociable, witty. I infinitely value our friendship. She helped me on “the Voice.” This show is an extremely stressful period for any artist. And Field to help me to relax, gave the whole benefits of meditation. Tips on how to cope with stress, how to come into balance with yourself, to reach equilibrium. Meet regularly at festivals and concerts. Constantly overwritten. During the celebration of her birthday I always sing one song. But not “Happy Birthday” as it is used at all, and our folk song “a Glass of vodka is mine.” Field like it. I sincerely wish her new discoveries, interesting travel. And with her new status – a lot of beautiful children, seven of the shops. We all love you very much, Paul.

George Melikishvili, the member of the second season of the show “the Voice”:

Pelagia is a wonderful friend. It is always there, always supportive. Man with a capital letter. I was recently working on her solo concert. And when I have free tours and performances of the time, we meet in an informal setting… It gave me a lot of advice, both professional and life. Yes, and your example Pelagia demonstrates how a real artist. I congratulate her heartily. The field got this far in life, but I sincerely wish her further successes, good luck and great happiness.

Alice Ignatiev, a participant of the third season of the show “the Voice”:

— Pelageya – man with an open mind. And appreciates when people open up in response. She is very bright, kind. Watching her, talking with her, I made an important conclusion: whatever you dictate fashion trends, always be yourself, don’t cheat yourself. Fields such. We keep in touch, talk on the phone, texting on the Internet. She congratulated me on the birth of a child.

Polina Gagarina, which replaced the pelage in the chair mentor in the fourth season of the vocal show, congratulated her friend via a social network:

“Happy birthday, Pelagia. On this day I want to wish You incredible happiness! Good health, love. May luck always be on Your side! Continue in the same spirit to delight us with their creativity!

The birthday girl, in turn, thanked everyone for the kind words. And he wrote a very moving letter to my mother, Svetlana.

“Mom, you’re 9 months took care of me, and then I was born. It was the best moment in our life. Together with you I made my first steps. With you I learn about this world. You took me by the hand to school and said, “don’t worry”, although I was excited that day. You taught me to think creatively and to open new in myself. I taught you to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. And you liked it. You taught me how to be a real woman. And I always wanted to be like you. With you I shared all my secrets with. You were and remain my best friend who will always understand. You were always beside me. Rejoiced in my successes and victories. And supported in a difficult moment, when it seemed that nothing could help me. The older I got, the more I realized how much we’re alike. And now I feel you more and understand what you’ve been through. Even when you’re far away I know you’re here in my heart. Forever. On this day I, as always, I want to say to you: “Thank you, mom! I love you.“ P. S. happy birthday to me! Thank you all for the congratulations!”

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