Участник «Голоса» Селим Алахяров: «Я лежал на полу, чтобы не попасть под пули» And,artist shared personal drama. Star of the sixth season of the musical TV show Selim Alferov told that he had to endure in childhood. As it turned out, the young man fell a difficult test.
Участник «Голоса» Селим Алахяров: «Я лежал на полу, чтобы не попасть под пули»

The audience of the main vocal show of the country for several months, watching the creative lives of Pets. However, the fact that I had to go through their Pets, fans know not always.

So, 29-year-old singer Selim Allahyarov in an exclusive interview with “StarHit” admitted: that the difficulties he faced in childhood, helped him to achieve high professional results.

Участник «Голоса» Селим Алахяров: «Я лежал на полу, чтобы не попасть под пули»“I was born in Grozny. After a while there the war began. It was a very difficult period. I was already the age where I understood some things. I remember everything that happened then. Here you are, for example, sleep, and on the street everything blows up, shots are audible. It so happened that they came to us. After the sound of breaking glass parents missed us and was quickly placed on the floor closer to the window so nobody was hurt. After a while I had to collect all the stuff fit in the car – blankets, cans of gasoline, clothing – and leave. Left everything: job, house, their belongings,” labor recalls Selim.

The father of the artist worked as a surgeon and her mother is a vocal teacher. Selim’s parents had to leave their job. The family moved to Dagestan. However, there Allahyarova and his family were waiting for a new test. According to singer, only with the help of acquaintances, they are not left on the street, for which still grateful. However, the new conditions left much to be desired.

“No money, work, relationships. While in Grozny lived happily in a nice apartment. In General, somehow we found ourselves in the garage. It was one house: there were people living upstairs, and we were in place for cars. Slept on mattresses, cooking Mama upstairs. I was a kid, but I felt the difference between peers – they have toys, entertainment… But none of that prevented parents to educate of us decent and educated people”, – said the singer

Allahyarov admitted that these tests helped him to become more Mature and begin to appreciate simple pleasures. Selim also stressed that no matter what professional heights he achieved, it will not change him as a person. Participation in “the Voice” also influenced Allahyarova. The tight schedule and large volume of work has allowed him to reach a new level.

Участник «Голоса» Селим Алахяров: «Я лежал на полу, чтобы не попасть под пули»
Участник «Голоса» Селим Алахяров: «Я лежал на полу, чтобы не попасть под пули»“Thanks to the show I’ve grown quite a bit internally. It’s a difficult path: to rehearse a lot, to wait for hours, then to go on stage. Behind me thousands of performances in various venues, but after this experience you could even say: “now I was a real artist,” says the contestant.

Ward Gradsky in early childhood music. On the big stage Selim came in nine years. Despite this, in his opinion, the shooting of “the Voice” is a kind of springboard to a musical career. Singer believes that he was lucky to be part of Alexander Borisovich.

“Working with him is a pleasure. We immediately found a common language. I like his straightforwardness, honesty. He says what he thinks, so it is very easy, although someone might be offended. Many consider it rigorous, but to me he is a master with a capital letter. Alexander Borisovich experiences for each participant and can call even in the early morning with the words: “are You awake?” He was up late and very early to rise. A feeling that doesn’t sleep,” jokes Alferov.