The participant “Voices” Sardor Milano: “it was hard for Me to leave Bilan”

Участник «Голоса» Сардор Милано: «Мне было тяжело уходить от Билана» The young singer shared how experienced a change of mentor. Semi-finalist of “the Voice” Sardor Milano wants international recognition and tries to do everything to fulfill your dreams. In an interview with “StarHit” the actor said about his plans for the future and about what is happening in his personal life.

      Участник «Голоса» Сардор Милано: «Мне было тяжело уходить от Билана»

      In the blind auditions young man with the big voice immediately attracted the attention of not only the jury members but all audiences. Unlike other contestants, the face of the actor did not show even the TV audience. And only after the coaches turned to the singer, many recognized him as the winner of the project “Main stage” Sardor Milano.

      After the “Duels” was replaced by mentor – Dima Bilan gave the preference to his rival, and Polina Gagarina took 25-year-old actor in his team. However, in the quarterfinals she was ready to say goodbye to Sardor, depriving him of a higher rating. But the audience gave Milano the largest number of votes. Semifinalist said in an interview with “StarHit” about his impressions of participation in the project, personal life and future plans.

      You said you tried several times to get into the project “the Voice”. What did this time to make a good impression at the audition?
      Участник «Голоса» Сардор Милано: «Мне было тяжело уходить от Билана»It so happened that in the first season I was not allowed to the blind auditions. Next year tried again. In front of the mentors I was supposed to appear on the third day of selection, but shortly before I go on stage, we were told that the team is already gathered, and we are invited for a third season. There I got to the “blind auditions”, but to me no one turned around. I think the choice of song was unfortunate – sang “Eternal love”. I now think it’s not in the mood, which can send the young man here needs the emotions of the older man, who has lived enough. After the failure I faced depression, I began to think about the future. Accidentally found out about the casting for the project “Main stage”. But there I was skeptics. To my surprise, I was selected to be on the show all went well, and I’m the winner. —
      What he did after winning the project?
      Участник «Голоса» Сардор Милано: «Мне было тяжело уходить от Билана»I drew the attention of producer Tim coons, who opened the world group Backstreet Boys. I was invited to the channel NBC in the United States. Then I returned to Moscow, and I do not give rest to fail in the “Voice”. I wanted to prove to myself that I can realize a dream. —
      Changed the repertoire to impress the coaches?
      Участник «Голоса» Сардор Милано: «Мне было тяжело уходить от Билана»I chose a fairly complex song – an Aria of Mozart. But for me it was a shock when I learned that this season will not be Alexander Gradsky as a mentor. Thought: “Who is me now can turn, who will appreciate?” All hope was Dima Bilan, because he has a classical education. And so it happened. But when I chose and Leonid Agutin – it was happiness. I understand that “Voice” is more a pop project, but if you look at the chronology, it is more likely to win those who obey the Russian classics. Don’t know what it involves. Maybe this direction not so much now, but people this is not enough.

      The Network some say that you decided to participate in the “Voice” out of vanity. You already got one victory in a music contest…
      Участник «Голоса» Сардор Милано: «Мне было тяжело уходить от Билана»To be honest, I abstracted from reviews, to me it spoils the mood. But there is a close circle of people who keep in touch with what people write about me. It’s nice when 70% of positive feedback. Maybe someone and seem conceited, but I was very honest with the audience. I think I’m on “the Voice” are in spite of everything. First, Dima Bilan made a choice after the “Duel” is not in my favor, and then took me Polina Gagarina. In the quarterfinals she gave me less votes, but I was saved by the onlookers.
      How did your relationship with Polina Gagarina once you were on the team?
      Участник «Голоса» Сардор Милано: «Мне было тяжело уходить от Билана»I was emotionally difficult, but I pulled myself together. Of course, I chose Dima in the beginning and wanted to go with him to the end of the project. I was worried about how I will be in the new team. Glad Pauline we were able to work together, we had more time to get to know each other. But Bilan, unfortunately, not inspired, just not yet. By the way, recently opened a photo where we captured all Dima’s team, and realized that he had two rescued party. —
      Many participants during the project and try themselves in different styles and directions. You didn’t want to diversify their repertoire and move away from classical performance?
      Участник «Голоса» Сардор Милано: «Мне было тяжело уходить от Билана»In “Duels” with Oksana Kazakova we sang atypical for me a song that has no relation to the classics. I remember that one of the winners of “the Voice” Sergey Volchkov, sang in the same manner, but still took first place. I can play any music, do not limit myself to any particular genre.—
      How do you see your future? My dream is to conquer the Opera stage or to develop into a pop direction?
      Участник «Голоса» Сардор Милано: «Мне было тяжело уходить от Билана»I graduated from Gnesinka in the direction of pop-jazz vocals. Only two years began to discover their potential in classical music. Often in London, I have certain things associated with creativity. I understand the complexity of the genre in which I sing, and he, unfortunately, is not in demand. May thanks to the international experience will realize my dream.

      You’re originally from Tashkent, but at the blind audition was announced that from Moscow. You feel like a Muscovite?
      Участник «Голоса» Сардор Милано: «Мне было тяжело уходить от Билана»In fact, everything was not as it might seem. I in the profile, which was supposed to show before the performance, said that he was born in Uzbekistan. But the producers of the program decided to make a surprise for the audience, and at the blind audition was not shown my face. On the stage I pointed out the location of where we are and live in the moment. If so find fault with him, I didn’t say “from Moscow” – “Moscow”. Of course, those who didn’t like me, used it against me, but all friends and relatives not paying attention. The Uzbek Diaspora supports, compatriots are encouraged to actively vote for those who are here in Russia. —
      How long have you moved to Moscow?
      Участник «Голоса» Сардор Милано: «Мне было тяжело уходить от Билана»It happened seven years ago, I was going to do in Gnesinku. Just two months before the entrance exams decided to go. Parents did not believe, and said, “okay, go, try, you still come back”. But to the surprise of my family, I enrolled, moreover, the class took the head of the Department. Mom when she found out, cried so hard. And then it turned out that the whole family moved to Moscow. But I am often in Tashkent with the performances. Play a major role in the musical “the snow Queen”, this is immediately after the semi-finals will fly away. —
      Where did your nickname “Milano”?
      Участник «Голоса» Сардор Милано: «Мне было тяжело уходить от Билана»Sardor – my real name. And “Milano” appeared from the name of my grandmother – Milovanova. Eight years I slightly transformed, reduced. Now don’t even perceive it as an alias, so stick. Moreover, I love the Italian city of Milan, I have a dream to sing in La Scala.

      Now during participation in “the Voice” fans increased?
      Участник «Голоса» Сардор Милано: «Мне было тяжело уходить от Билана»I gained a lot of friends. The support of the audience, I feel very and grateful for the opportunity to be heard. Now I want to organize my recital. I think now there is a real chance to realize a dream. —
      Fans often write in social networks, call for date?
      Участник «Голоса» Сардор Милано: «Мне было тяжело уходить от Билана»Honestly, I now have almost no time to “Instagram”. Sometimes, of course, read what I write. There were declarations of love, but I’m still lost and don’t know how to respond correctly. —
      Your future wife must be from a creative environment?
      Участник «Голоса» Сардор Милано: «Мне было тяжело уходить от Билана»No. I had a relationship with the pianist, but now I don’t want the girl was a musician. Moreover, I don’t think about the family, because I clearly understand I have to get up on his feet. Still, I feel responsible, will not be the parents to support my fiancée. When has a house, a car, I will be able to support a wife and future children, and then think about family. My heart is now free, and in the next six years to marry. Want to grow in the music business.—
      Parents are not trying to get you a bride, as is customary in Eastern countries?
      I have an international family. Relatives do not adhere to these traditions, I believe that one must get married only for love. Of course, mother wants grandchildren, especially I am the only child in the family. She has two dogs, so while she take care of them.