The participant of “the Voice” dropped the charges

С участника "Голоса" сняли обвинения
Last summer it became known that participant of the TV project “the Voice” Seeds laskina was arrested in Central Moscow.

С участника "Голоса" сняли обвинения

He was charged with organizing an unsanctioned rally.

Simon just decided to organize for its fans a concert on the street, and the police decided that it violates public order.

To prove the innocence of a musician gone 9 months.

“Cellist Semyon Lashkin today found not guilty in the case of “organization of mass simultaneous stay” on Nikolskaya street in June last year. This is when he is on the cello just so were playing out, in a good mood. But at first it was all bad, the Seeds are tied, the cello away, the Tver court, fine. Worked very good lawyers, and worked not for money and not for the glory of principle,” the lawyer said Seeds Grigory Vaypan.

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