The participant of the show “the Bachelor” made Ilya Glinnikov suffer

Участницы шоу «Холостяк» заставили Илью Глинникова страдать Star of TV series “Interns” frankly told that meant to him to become the hero of the new season of the popular project. According to Ilya Glinnikov been difficult for him to make a choice in favor of either contestant. The actor also apologized to all the beauties with whom he is not on good terms.

      March 11 on TNT will start showing the new season of the show “the Bachelor,” which for the heart of Elijah Glinnikov will fight 25 girls from across the country and from abroad. In anticipation of the long-awaited continuation of the popular TV show star of TV series “Interns” has informed that will survive for the fate of its participants. Ilya asked their forgiveness and wished them luck. The artist truly believes in what the beauties will be able to find love.

      “I’m sorry girls, I gave you the waiver, especially those who have reached the final. There are seething with serious passion, because we have already formed some kind of relationship. I was hurt too, believe me. To say “no” sometimes is more complicated than “Yes”. I am grateful for the invaluable experience the son of errors difficult. Most importantly, remember: the only thing we can do is make a choice, but unless the choice is made, everything is possible. Soon you will come to popularity, it does little good, do not flatter yourself and do not lose the main thing – themselves. I hope you can find what you are looking for, and maybe find love because each of you deserves it”, – told the artist.

      Glinnikov also shared his views on what love is. “This is the only thing worth living for, and for her sake sometimes you have to sacrifice all of your principles. Remember that we are a gang,” said the actor.

      The actor also talked about what were the contestants, and gave back the envious, who allow themselves in every way to insult them. “I’ve never met, they are all different… Stop and pour all of the previous bachelors mud, you have no idea through what we went through. You weren’t there, that’s enough to give advice and to teach us, but rather go and show how it is necessary, and we will. Forgive us, if done wrong, all people are different and tend to make mistakes,” – said Ilya.

      Some social media users suggested that due to their acting abilities Glinnikov could purposely “play” on the camera. However, Ilya was quick to refute such speculation. According to him, passion for the project was in full swing serious.

      “You will not be bored, everything was really lived, not played. The camera is an x-ray. You will see everything, all secrets will be revealed,” shared the actor.