The participant “Houses-2” suspected of fraud

Участницу «Дома-2» заподозрили в мошенничестве A resident of Ekaterinburg Galina Smirnova has addressed in law enforcement bodies with the statement for Marina Christianovna. The woman will claim that the star of the TV show along with her ex-husband deceived her.

The pensioner from Ekaterinburg Galina Smirnova wrote a statement to the police, in this woman pointed out the names of the participants “House-2” Marina Testamony and her ex-spouse Kahi.

According to the victim, she took to Marina Testamony multi-million dollar loan. Smirova said you were looking for scandalous party telestroke more than 10 years.

“I worked as a seller in the market, which belonged to this family. In 2009, I was visited by the collectors. Turns out they didn’t paid a dime on the loan. I cried and begged him to send me receipts, but got nothing except insults. And then they were gone,” said the pensioner.

Galina said that he lives on a pension of eight thousand roubles. According to Smirnova, the first debt amounted to almost three million rubles. After numerous hearings, the court found the pensioner affected, the Bank wrote off the interest on it.

“Now amount to 62 thousand, but it’s still a lot. I have no life”, – said Smirnov.

Herself Marina Christianovna denied any involvement in the criminal scheme. According to participants of telestroke, to blame the ex-husband, Kakha, he worked with the victim.

“It is a trifling amount. We haven’t spoken for many years, but I heard he is building a house on “G” rolls. And I’m a penniless “house-2″ should pay? I do about this situation learned only this summer. It I the victim! I left him, drove away, left him the whole business,” – said Marina Christianovna.

According to the publication “the World of the reality show” the aggrieved pensioner unable to agree with the star of “House-2”, then the woman has addressed in law enforcement bodies of Ekaterinburg.

“Marina told me what to look for Kahu should that it from business took 25 thousand dollars, and the rest left him. But that’s not true. The money I took it, came with him to my house,” concluded Smirnov.