The parents of the missing Teens in Karelia revealed details of the tragedy

Родители пропавших подростков в Карелии раскрыли детали трагедии Relatives came to the Studio “Let them talk”. The fate of three teenagers, capsized the boat in the water, remains unknown. Search operation on lake Ladoga is still going on.
Родители пропавших подростков в Карелии раскрыли детали трагедии

Monday late evening it became known that in the Ladoga lake in Karelia capsized boat, in which were five young people – 16-year-old Nicole Levicheva, 16-year-old Igor Danilovich, 18-year-old Roman yanushevsky, 17-year-old Andrew Residents and 17-year-old Konstantin Alekseev. Two of them managed to escape, and the fate of the others remains unknown. In Karelia capsized boat with teenagers

Today in the program “Let speak” Andrey Malakhov invited the relatives of the teenagers who told the details of the ill-fated day.

The first Studio was visited by the mother of Roman januszewska Ekaterina Davydova. The young man was the most senior in the company – in July he turns 18 years old. The woman said that his girls Nicole June 19 was the birthday. She knew that Teens will gather to celebrate the triumph of nature, in tents, so nobody worried about children.

“When the evening news was the news that the boat capsized, I thought in my head that our. Began to call him, he’s not answering her phone, Nicole is also not picking up. Called in the MOE. At half past one off the phone, thinking that all is well and he just died,” recalled Catherine.
Родители пропавших подростков в Карелии раскрыли детали трагедии

Davydov said that her son was a good swimmer, but the Ladoga lake is very treacherous – the weather changes quickly.

The rescued teenagers are now in the clinic. “At the present time their condition is relatively satisfactory, threats for life and health, investigators are working,” – said in the hospital.

In the Studio there was a father surviving Andrey Zhiltsov Yuri. Man it was hard to recount that gave him a son.

“The waves were small but the boat hit the water, they began to scoop her, but the boat capsized. Teenagers wanted to get on the boat and wait for help, there are kayakers rested. But when I climb, she was drowning. Igor swam ashore for help, the coast swam for Igor. The boat was heavily down in the direction of the open Ladoga. They decided that we should sail to the shore, but realized that Nicole doesn’t make it, and decided to hold on to the boat. Roma have floated further, and Andrew was left with Nicole. He saw that the girl weakens and swam to her, helped her to grab the boat, and he sailed to the island, – said the Pope Zhiltsova. – Andrew took the stone to hit the grass for spark. And then he doesn’t remember saved”.
Родители пропавших подростков в Карелии раскрыли детали трагедии

Experts in the Studio were asking questions about how did teenagers parents what they did during the holidays and why not told about the plans to ride on the boat. They also wondered what happened the guys in the campaign. Dad Zhiltsov said that the medical examination found no traces of alcohol in the blood of the surviving teenagers.

Andrey Malakhov asked Ekaterina Davydova, tells her of a mother’s heart is left alive, her son.

Родители пропавших подростков в Карелии раскрыли детали трагедии“I understand that chance is very small. I have a small child, he was a year and a half, but he holds me and I don’t know what would have happened,” said the woman.

Also, the incident said the volunteer Anton Arkhipov, who arrived in search of work. He reported that he saw a boat 700 metres from the scene. According to him, that night the weather was good, and there were no signs of trouble.

Guests in the Studio, I remembered that exactly a year ago in the same region there was a similar tragedy which claimed the lives of 14 children. Lake of tears: as families of children who died in Karelia