The parents of the deceased men need to urge demi Moore to answer

Родители погибшего мужчины требуют призвать Деми Мур к ответу
The actress was prosecuted for an accident.

Demi Moore


54-year-old demi Moore appeared in
a very unpleasant situation. She was called to answer for an accident that happened
the site of her manor, located near Los Angeles. This incident
ended with the death of the victim, happened for quite some time. However
the parents of the deceased decided to sue the actress right now.

This story began with an innocent
the party, which is a “housekeeper” started in the house demi. Invited guests
relax in the pleasure, and all went well up until the part
invited decided to walk a bit. And when walking back, they, their
horror, found in pool the body of one of the guests is 21-year-old Edenilson Steven Valle without
slightest signs of life. As has established a consequence, he died as a result
drowning. This incident was ruled an accident, as all
confirmed that the deceased could not swim.

Demi, which in that day was not at home, right
after that horrible incident expressed their condolences to the parents
of the deceased. “I’m in shock! Understand that
the loss of a son is a terrible tragedy, and we sincerely sympathize with the father and mother of the deceased…” —
she said back then.

However, parents Vallee not
satisfied with the condolences to the Moore, and sued her in court. In its lawsuit, they
stated that the owner of the house responsible for the death of their son for a number of reasons.
First, the pool was quite deep — more than three meters. However, this information is not
were listed on any warning sign. Besides, moreover, that around
the pool had no fence, on the edges in artistic disorder
were scattered stones on one of which, apparently, tripped on Edenilson, falling
as a result, in the water. What is the amount required by the parents of the deceased, in order
payment transferred their drama, not yet reported.