Машину родителей Калашниковой протаранил КамАЗ

Ex-fiancée of Prokhor Chaliapin Anna Kalashnikova, which in the program “Let them talk” admitted that after the scandal with the test DNA disowned by her parents, recently spoke about the case, which could deprive her mom and dad at all.

Father and mother Kalashnikova, who live out of town, went to the store. When driving on the road in the car literally rammed KAMAZ.

“I am terribly scared for my parents when dad was wrapped, it almost drove KAMAZ, which flew with a mad speed and could not cope with the management. The car was damaged, thank God, your parents all right. I came as soon as I heard. We drew up the documents and went”, — said Anna press.

Now with the parents of Kalashnikova’s all good.

What’s the relationship between her mother and father, Anna did not specify. Note that a month ago, a girl with tears in eyes in Studio talk show of Andrei Malakhov has complained that parents do not want to communicate with her, to know her. They said that it is a disgrace to the name of Kalashnikov, and all because of the deception, which lasted for one and a half years.

The very same Anna says that no one is deceived in the beginning of the novel, with Chaliapin warned him that he may be the father with a probability of only 50%.

“I was very straightforward and honest – he knew everything. He when my parents gave my word, accepts it as it is. The probability was that the baby wasn’t his – 50 to 50. And he knew from the start, and said that it was his baby and promised never to raise this issue,” – said Kalashnikov in the air.


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