The paparazzi first caught Irina Shayk with her daughter

Папарацци впервые подловили Ирину Шейк  с дочкой
In the network appeared the first pictures of the model with Leah

Irina Shayk

Photo: @bradrinaforever Instagram Irina Shayk

Recently, reporters managed for the first time
shoot Irina Shayk walking in the Park with her daughter Leah De Sien, which she
gave birth just two months ago. And casual witnesses of its appearance
the public was able to witness model is still good and looks quite happy.

That just 8 weeks, Irina had managed almost
to fully restore the antenatal form, could make sure guests Cannes
festival, where she arrived a few days ago. Appearing on the red
the track, Irina made a splash. She chose to release unusually
spectacular dress, stressing all the advantages of her figure: thin waist,
a flat stomach and ample Breasts, which, according to some, after birth was still
more. Bright yellow translucent outfit from Versace glimmering
paillettes, successfully set off the bright appearance Shake.

However, earlier Irina has pleased fans and others photo she tweeted. For this photo, Shayk posed lying on a bright inflatable mattress in the middle of the pool,clad only
in swimsuit bikini . So she would have no opportunity to hide
unwanted weight, remaining from the time of pregnancy — if he really
was. But Irene didn’t have to cheat and
hide whatever it is — young mom looks really great,
joy to its numerous fans and the father of her daughter, boyfriend Shake — Bradley Cooper.